Institute to Support SMEs in Business Process Management


Raheem Akingbolu

The Business Process Management Institute of Nigeria has committed to supporting the development of the business process framework and operations in the first 50 SMEs, start-ups and corporates that approaches it for assistance, free of charge.

This was one of the steps taken by the institute at the formal inauguration of its executive council and investiture of Dr. Yahaya Fufore, as its pioneer president in Lagos.

The new Vice President, Mr Debo Adebayo, in the opening address at the event attended by business leaders, technocrats, professionals and public sector officials, shared that the BPMI Nigeria was established to address the gaps in business process management in the country.

He noted that Nigeria had a lot of start-ups and even blue-chip businesses that were not structured in their operations, hence the need for them to align with the BPM guidelines.

Adebayo believed the adoption of business process management in the operations of business entities in Nigeria will aid economic growth and scale the competitive advantage of the nation.

Adebayo also asserted that the institute will serve as the engine room of knowledge sharing in business process management in Nigeria.

Keynote Speaker Dr Nelson Uwaga, the current President of the Nigerian Institute of Management lauded the BPMI establishment in the country, stated that business process management has metamorphosed from an approach to a full-fledged discipline.

According to him “BPM helps companies to identify, execute, monitor and control automated and non-automated business processes to achieve desired goals”.

Uwaga listed some of the benefits of Business Process Management, to include automation of processes, better customer service and satisfaction, quality control, aiding companies to take control of ambiguous cases, achieve swift resolution of tasks and effect cost-cutting measures.

Giving the outlook for business process management, Uwaga asserted that the transition from the manual operations to digital will be critical.

In terms of the valuation Uwaga said according to the Global Business Process Management report, the BPM was a $4.17bn industry in 2014 and is projected to hit $10.7bn in 2019.

“Business Process Management will be in high demand by the manufacturing, financial services, construction, telecommunications and healthcare sectors” Uwaga said.