Skales and Calabar Fans Battled in Samara, Sochi War at Naija Fan Park


The unending battle started with 32 countries, then it became 16, later eight and now there are only four countries left fighting for football biggest prize but one would expect that immediately Nigeria crashed out of the tournament, the fans zeal and passion towards the competitionwould reduce however that is not the case, the passion, zeal and energy towards the tournament taking place in Russia by the Naija fans did not reduce a tiny bit.

Nigerians constantly profess that “This is Naija, where Football Lives”, so it was not surprising when the Calabar fans at the This is Naija fan park came out in their numbers to support different teams at the Mundial.

Earlier in the day, Calabar fans had trooped into the much talked about “This Is Naija” fan park to watch the England vs Sweden game. As they made their way into the “Dome”, ​ushers directed the fans to their preferred sitting position, fans of the English premier league chose to go to the English corner which is to the right, some of them even had their faces painted in English colors.

Fans of Ibrahimovic were there to support Sweden and they chose to sit on the left. As the game went into the thick of the action, there were enjoyable and hilarious exchange of banters between both fans. At the end of the game the English came out tops much to the delight of the English fans at the fan park who went home with some cool prizes as a result of their support for England.

The match between Russia and Croatia however toppled the fun and banters generated in the England and Sweden game, the Russian corner had fans shouting for goals and when the Russians scored, their fans at the Calabar fan park erupted into a big shout, a shout that is almost deafening, you almost get the stadium feeling. Croatia pulled level moments later and that only fueled more shouts and cheers by the fans in Calabar who also had music super star Skales in attendance, He was supporting Croatia throughout the game

After two late extra time goals by both teams, the game went to penalties and Croatia subsequently came out victorious to book a semifinal ticket . The Calabar fans went home happy as they were entertained all round at the fan park by not only the match but also by Skales performance and the other fun activities at the fan park.