Timothy’s Cross…Slow Your Roll, Timothy Oguntayo is not Broke


•Mischief-makers mock ex-Skye Bank boss

If mischief-makers have their way, they would say Timothy Oguntayo lives from hand to mouth now. They would say the former Managing Director (MD) of Skye Bank, lives by barter now. They would say he pays his lawyer by making a dress for the latter’s wife. They would allege that he pays his doctor the same way.

Whether the rumours are true or untrue, the most crucial lesson Timothy takes away from his recent experience is that, it takes your enemy and your friend, working together, to hurt you to the heart; one to slander you and the other to get the news to you.

Had Timothy’s friends his love in their hearts, they would assiduously quash the ugly rumours doing the rounds about the former bank chief. The ex-Skye head honcho has been in the news recently due to a shameful rumour being peddled about him.
Report has it that since he was sacked as the bank chief, he has been living in dire straits. It is alleged that he is broke and has to squeeze himself really dry to meet his needs and that of his family. This according to the rumour mill, explains his recent low profile.

Against the backdrop of the unpalatable news however, very close friends and associates of Timothy have risen to his defence, claiming the rumours of his insolvency are hogwash. Those who should be in the know dismissed the rumours as the figment of some mischievous folk’s imagination. The former MD is not broke, they said, claiming that he made money as a banker that can last him two lifetimes. Yes, he might not be able to dress the part or live la vida loca lifestyle but Timothy is big, argued a source close to him, maintaining that the banker is simply being modest by not painting the town red with unnecessary expenses.

They also told us that Timothy is a very nice guy. Indeed, you cannot be the MD of a bank like Skye bank at that time, without making money for yourself. To this, Timothy’s detractors respond that he is never modest, but he is simply a miser who doesn’t throw money around like a drunken sailor. They argued that it is very difficult to come by anyone who had been a beneficiary of his touted generosity.