Comercio Invests in Public Cloud Service to Boost Economy  

With business growth in mind, Information Communication Technology company, Comercio Limited has invested in public enterprise, Cloud Service, to upgrade and support business operations in the country.
The very first public cloud platform operated and hosted locally, the latest  innovation is a testimony to ICT advancement in the country that would also offer relieve to entrepreneurs particularly in the area of reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).
Speaking at the launch of the service, Chief Technical Officer of the firm, Mr. Aderemi Adejumo, stated that the present economic situation where profits maximisation, increased revenue/cost reduction is an essential performance indicator upon which business successes are measured, it was important that businesses adopt cloud technology which is the next logical step in  technology evolution and undoubtedly, the future.
He noted that despite the huge benefits that come with the innovation, the adoption rate in the country is at minimal, whereas it is gaining more attention in foreign countries especially in Europe and America and has assisted their economies hugely.
“With the economic challenges faced worldwide and especially in Nigeria, companies are looking to reduce their expenditure whilst trying to grow their business, global best practice is that most CIOs are moving to cloud platforms for data storage. Moreso, considering the reduction in the cost of accessing internet services, this service has come at a better time with more world class data centres to host cloud platforms. Comercio Public Cloud platforms offer enterprises the opportunity to move their IT expenditure from a CAPEX to an OPEX as well as only pay for what they consume. It is a perfect pay-as-you-go model to minimise expenditure and create great savings’’
Explaining other features of the local service that has existed in the market for three months, Adejumo said that the local platform comes with huge benefits that give it an edge  over  foreign ones that  most companies in Nigeria subscribe to.
“One of its greatest advantages is the   time to market. In traditional computing, it takes four to 16 weeks to request, get appropriate approvals and procure hardware before installation and configuration of  software, but on our platform,  required hardware can be provisioned and available in less than 48 hours.”
Managing Director of the company, Mrs. Aderonke  Adeyegbe added: “Our platform has a lower latency than offshore platforms as it  takes on average less than 25 per cent of the time to retrieve data from an offshore cloud platform.
“We provide a bespoke service, which means we engage customers and guide their request to the most optimum solution. We also accept payment in local currency, ensuring stability in payments and in the event of Dollar fluctuation, there would be no anxiety of exceeding the budget. We meet the requirements for data localisation and if there are regulatory or compliance reasons for the data to be onshore, we  are compliant. In addition, we meet the requirements for data sovereignty and in the event of a dispute or legal issue, we are bound by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
Adejumo further identified epileptic power, lack of awareness and fear of insecurity as major factors hindering adoption level of cloud service in  Nigeria but informed  that  the new platform boasts of nine layers of security, thus blocking access to all forms of security breaches.
“Our platform stands tall in a very sophisticated security set up with a granularity that cannot be replicated affordably on a physical platform. The configuration of a centralised storage point for all the data means that it is much safer to secure and track the access and usage of data. Comercio Public Cloud adheres to international standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data security standards), ISO 27001, (Information security management system) and ISO 9001 (Quality management system),” he said.