Terrence Arinzechukwu: In 5 Yrs time, Exouzia Moda Couture will go  Global


My Story

Terrence is a seasoned fashion designer and socialite who, over the years, has played a major role in the social circle of the Nigerian fashion industry, defining himself with excellence, originality and class. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, he talks about his career, expanding his brand, among other issues

How did you start your brand? 

Growing up, I used to watch my dad dress up for work and I noticed he was always very particular about combining colours and most times, he allowed me pick the colours of shirt or tie for him to wear, so, having a good sense of dressing became a part of me. While studying Psychology in the university, I enrolled for a fashion designing and consultancy programme after which I became an apprentice for some top fashion brands for some years, before creating my own fashion brand. 

What’s the ideology of your brand? 

Fashion for me is a statement and fashion is confidence. So, if you don’t dress well, you won’t feel good and when you have confidence, you will have a sense of authority. That was what brought about the name Exouzia Moda Couture, which means authority fashion. 

What makes your brand exceptional? 

Since its inception, Exouzia Moda Couture has been inspired by virtue of excelling at product quality and providing superior value and punctual delivery to our customers. We are also known for out cutting edge trends, modern style and impeccable tailored materials. Exouzia Moda Couture is highly recommended for men who want to keep their looks modern and fashionable. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

In five years’ time, Exouzia Moda Couture will be a global and household brand and our desire for success will drive us to satisfy Nigeria’s urge for good fashion and to meet the needs of other countries in Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.