Argentine Embassy Hosts Wine Consumers at Tasting Summit


Raheem Akingbolu

Wine consumers in Nigeria have been urged to pitch their tents with Argentine brands to experience the best of wine culture, the message was contained in a statement issued after a three-day wine-tasting summit held in celebration of World Malbec Day in Lagos.

The event, which aimed at introducing Argentine wines to Nigerians, was attended by the Ambassador of Argentina, Elena Mikusinski; Emiliano Stratico, who runs the oldest cellar and wine bar in Monaco; Commissioner of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Lagos, Steve Ayorinde, wine connoisseurs and importers.

At the event, the first in a series to celebrate Argentina’s independence, Emiliano Stratico introduced its famous Malbec wine to the Nigerian market. The wines, rich in quality, are a friendly market in respect to the curreny used.

Ayorinde expressed his excitement that the event was held in Lagos since it is the hub of importation and consumption of wines and spirits in West Africa.

He appreciated the attention drawn to the state by the event since wine importers are based in Lagos and the market is here. He noted that due to our climate, Nigeria could not produce its own wines but the VATs and consumption taxes would be used to develop the state.

The advantage of the event, he said was on two levels, economic, for job creation and Public Relations for destination branding where Lagos is portrayed in a positive light.

He also said it would be a friendly market for importers if policies are respected meaning they can enjoy the incentives as promoters of luxury brands.

The malbec wines present were Finca Las Moras, Alba en los andes Estate reserve, Andrean vineyards, Vinyescults, Trumpeter, Andrean vineyards reserve. Others were Alba en los andes finca, Antonio Mas, La Mascota and Rutini.
Malbec is a purple grape variety used in making red wine. Its plump, dark fruit flavours and smoky finish are what makes it popular. It is originally from Cahors region in France, but could not be sustained due to the humid weather of France.

In 1853, Aime Pouget a French soil expert took the malbec vine amongst others to Mendoza region in Argentina. The region has 3000 hours worth of sun in a year, which is good for the grapes.

This region produces 70 per cent of wine in the country having 80 per cent as malbec wines, which has 60 per cent of their entire export. 80 per cent of their export is red wine and white wine has 20 per cent.

Argentina is said to be the 6th largest wine producing country, 7th in consumption and 9th in wine exportation