Group Urges Lagosians to Get their PVCs


Ugo Aliogo

The Coordinator of Good Governance Group (G3), Joseph Rennaiye, has appealed to Lagosians to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in order to exercise their voting rights during the 2019 general elections.

Speaking in Lagos at the Voters’ Awareness Campaign exercise organised by the group which is an association convened by the Senior Pastor, Global Impact Church, Pastor Yemi Davids, the Coordinator of the Group, Rennaiye, said part of what they are set out to do is to engender good governance and the bedrock of good governance all over the world is democracy.

He noted that the focus of the exercise was to engage the people in the community on the need to participate in the electoral process, stating that every Nigerian have a role to play in governance.

“Today we set out to create awareness, with the elections around the corner. I believe that as Nigerians we have a stake in the way the country is governed. Good governance is something that very critical to us. Therefore, today what we want to reach out to Nigerians on how they effectively engage in the election process because engagement is a critical part in ensuring that we put in place good governance in the country,” he noted.

Rennaiye further stated that the initiative was launched in September 2, 2017, adding that they had a lecture on good governance which was delivered by Mrs. Bucky Shonibare to commemorate the launch.

The founder of Global Impact Church and convener of the group, Pastor Yemi Davids, noted that the church is at the forefront of good governance because the church consists of Nigerians and when Nigeria bleeds, the citizens all bleed.

“Prayers will not solve all problems, some will demand some actions. This is why we are pushing for Nigerians not just Christians to be more active in politics. Our future plan is to continue this campaign and then have an institution called the Good Governance Institute. We are still at the planning stage. We are laying the bricks so that as we encourage our people to be actively engaged in politics, we want to ensure they are well trained and prepared on the ethos of good governance to deliver the goods to the people.”