Is Buhari Bad Business for Graft?


In one of its eerie moments, the presidency, last week said President Muhammadu Buhari was bad business for corrupt politicians. What this meant, according to them, was that only the corrupt few have found something obnoxious about the Buhari administration.

But if you flipped this, isn’t it an irony that the president has remained a very good business for some of his aides and cabinet members, who have been accused at different times for corruption-related matters but chose to look the other way? Even those indicted for corruption have not been tried, because he’s believed to have provided the much needed shield.

How a president, who employs double standards in treating people, either for where they come from or their political affiliation, can be described as such remains to be seen in the fullness of time. In all of this, what is certain is that propaganda, which has formed the selling point of this government, is not sustainable in the long run.