Yoruba Group calls for Investigation, Expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria


Joy Ekeke

The Progressives Yoruba Youth Congress (PYYC) has called on the federal government to begin the process of expelling Amnesty International (AI) from the country.

The youth-structured group alleged that the Amnesty International is in connivance with some agents to heat up the political space in the country through conjured reports.

The group further stated that the reports was targeted at discrediting the Nigerian military on its fight against insurgency, urging AI to come out clean.

The group’s national leader, Comrade Akintola Festus, while addressing journalists on Wednesday, also beckoned on the United Nations (UN), the European Union and other international bodies to AI’s periodic reports which seeks to discredit the fight against terrorism ‎by the Nigerian military and sister security agencies‎ through allegations of human rights violation.

The youth leader decried that the international agency is doing everything possible to see a stage-managed implosion in Nigeria, a country gradually and steadily recuperating from bile terrorism.

“We are aware of the difficulties experienced by the past administration in checkmating terrorism, especially Boko Haram, IPOB and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and it has reached an alarming proportion for all Nigerians to be concerned.

The manifested cruelty and appetite for bloodletting in atrocious acts and heinous crimes against Nigerians by these sects is legendary. And we know the sects are ennobled by the sponsorship, funding, and backing of foreign forces bent on foisting evil on our land to destabilize our country.

“We are persuaded to draw the attention of World bodies like the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the Federal Government in Nigeria about some twists and ugly developments concerning winning streaks of the Nigerian military against Boko Haram terrorists.

“We strongly suspect sustained and covert actions and activities of terrorists agents, particularly, some international organizations’ domiciled in Nigeria who are discreetly working day and night to promote the scourge of terrorism in Nigeria.

“The Republic of Iran has never concealed this devilish plot on Nigeria and the leaders of these sects, particularly, Boko Haram factional leader, Abubakar Shekau have also affirmed this fact. And the dragnet of sponsors, paid agents and sympathizers’ with terrorists in Nigeria is expansive and obscure. These covert agents operate under different official or unofficial banners.

“To this end, we have realized lately and suspect a strong bond between the Iranian Republic, Boko Haram terrorists and the Amnesty International (AI) in festering the menace of terrorism in Nigeria. AI is an international organization whose mandate is to conscientiously monitor human rights violations in the countries they operate.

“We also note that AI has strong affinity with the United States of America (USA). AI is America’s pet child and America has this inglorious history of dubious interventions in the internal affairs of developing countries like Nigeria.

“AI’s periodic reports are usually based on unsubstantiated allegations and falsehood, alluding to rights violations perpetrated by the Nigerian military and sister security agencies. The reports are primed to limitlessly and baselessly indict the military; while emboldening the terrorists in their suspected sponsored assignment to destroy and delete Nigeria from the map of the world.

“We are mincing no words to assert that no external force can govern us; we must govern ourselves and the rude disrespect by AI to testify before lawfully constituted Probe Panels is an undisguised affront on the powers and sovereignty of Nigeria.

“Therefore, we plead with our international partners especially the UN to undertake a critical investigation into the sinister operations of Amnesty International in Nigeria and the complicity of the US Government. We have every cause to suspect AI and America’s covert support of the organization in the evil conspiracy against Nigeria to promote terrorism, an idea hatched by foreign forces against the unity and peace of Nigeria.

“Nigerians cannot compromise or allow anybody or organisation, not even AI and its local franchise to reverse the gains the country has recorded on the terrorism war. We are not prepared to return to the dark days of reckless bombings, agonies and deaths arising from terrorism.”