Again, Gbenga Alade, the managing director of GT Bank, UK, has ventured into the mysterious overland; that peculiar haven bordered by esplanades of secret treasures and colourful spokes of eternal delight.

Thanks to sweet heavenly grace, Gbenga has rediscovered bliss in ravishing belle, Yetunde Olufosoye; hardly anyone believed that Gbenga would find another love of his life so soon. To high society trolls, it is unbelievable, but to Gbenga, it’s simply ethereal. To Gbenga, finding Yetunde is akin to beaming light through the surface of a brushwood that light never penetrated.

However, the ceremonies have ended. The husband has taken his wife home, savouring without restraints or inhibitions each other’s warmth and company, as the process of increasing Nigeria’s population is intensified. The wedding is still the talk of the town in Ibadan, even as you read. Like the early dew which moistens blooming bougainvillea, Yetunde rocks Nigeria’s high society with uncharacteristic verve and aplomb.

Being married to one of Nigeria’s rising bankers is by no means a criterion to throw gaudy wedding party, especially if you have a hubby that panders to such whims.

At reception, for the first dance, the groom, Gbenga, stared into the eyes of his bride, Yetunde, as if he meant to rediscover a familiar treasure trove. He stared into her eyes wondering how many wonders subsist in the two shiny orbs and windows into her soul. It was a charming, corny, over-the-top moment at an event most noteworthy, perhaps, for how it drew the crème of Nigeria and London’s high societies to celebrate with the new couple. Their wedding was classy!