Presidential Aspirant: We’ll Deploy Technology to Forestall Election Results Manipulation

By Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole in Abuja
Hon. Samuel Mbonu, a US-based politician, has declared his intention to contest for the office of the president of Nigeria in the 2019 general election.
Declaring his intention in Abuja weekend, he promised to protect votes with the aid of technology, which will be deployed to monitor the presidential election, saying the results cannot be manipulated.
He also disclosed that with the aid of the technology available to him, every underage voter will be detected during voting and promised to grow Nigeria’s economy from its current volume of N500 trillion to a whopping $1trillion within his first year in office.
According to him, “Technology exists today; I am not sure where or what village you come from; but I can see into the narrow confines of a street in your village with the technology that exist today. I may not begin to break it all down now but I come from an environment where I have access to the best of technology and the best of that technology will be deployed.”
Mbonu, a Director, Nigerian-American Council Washington DC and consultant to various US public and private institutions, and currently an Advisor to the US congress on Africa, said that he had chosen to contest for the presidency believing that his experience in US government and connections are his realm assets.
He added: “I am the best material for the presidency, as I have the knowledge and connections to bring in American investors whom I have worked with for year. I am offering myself for service because most people do not know what this country holds for the world; Nigeria is not for sale to the highest bidder, and I am not coming into this race with ill-gotten wealth. I don’t have godfathers; the Nigerian people are my godfathers and godmothers.”
On why things are not working in Nigeria, the presidential hopeful said it was as a result of the political leaders who are of the 20th century and do not understand the 21th century, adding that they also lack the political will to do things democratically.
Describing many Nigerian political leaders as clannish who encourage mediocrity, he promised to work with the best materials available in the country if elected.
“Zoning is a mediocrity and zoning will kill Nigeria. Zoning is a formula by the elites to share power among themselves; many of those running for the office only understand the 20th century and do not understand the 21st century,’’ he added.
He promised to guarantee constant electricity and high speed internet to grow the economy if elected, while promising to revamp the education sector as well as the health sector.