Founder of UK-based BEN TV, Ali Soyode, Joins Presidential Race


It’s been said that, unlike in previous contests, there is going to be an unusual number of contestants for the presidential seat in the 2019 elections.

Sometimes ago this column made an observation on the moves of the founder of Europe’s first ethnic television station, BEN TV based in London, Mr. Alistair Soyode, given the tremendous energy he had been putting into YES movement, a new social advocacy entity he established.

Though there was no indication then that YES will metamorphose into a political movement and strategy platform, the recent announcement by Soyode of his interest in the Nigerian presidency in 2019 lifted the veil on his ultimate goal.

In his declaration in Abuja, Soyode stated amongst other concerns that, “Our economy sincerely needs diversification, moving away from oil to manufacturing and services. Our education is falling; many have called for a national emergency in the education sector and educational standards are actually declining in parts of the country.’’

As it’s been stated here before, Nigeria’s present state calls for as many capable Nigerians as possible, home and abroad, to put themselves forward for elective positions so as to facilitate the kind of important structures needed to move the country forward.

Hopefully, this will bring about desirable change in the country. Enough of the recruitment of mediocrity in Nigerian leadership!