Youths Launch Social Movement Ahead of 2019 Elections


By Vanessa  Obioha

A group of youths from different parts of the country recently launched a social movement to sensitise the public to vote in the upcoming elections. Known as #voteorshutup2019, the movement kicked off this week with the youths storming the streets of  Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Maryland simultaneously to hand out thousands of free voters’ guide booklets and to educate the people on the importance of obtaining their PVC and participating in the upcoming elections. 

 A representative of the movement, Mr Osazee Bazuaye, a hospitality and lifestyle  specialist said that the initiative was specifically for young persons to exercise their voting rights.

 “It is easy for young people to complain. So many young people don’t bother to vote but they love to complain about the elected officials, we want people to come out and vote, we don’t care who you vote for, just vote,” they said.

 The movement started silently early this year and has seen a gradual growth in interest. Young entrepreneurs like Moe of “Events By Moe” has become active participant in the movement.  

“We want the politicians to acknowledge the efforts of groups like us. This is something we are passionate about and we are not even politicians.   So we expect the passion from the politicians to be 100 times more than ours in getting young people interested in supporting them,” they said 

In recent times, the Nigerian youths have been berated for complacence in political matters. Politicians and business moguls have argued that  Nigerian youths are the most under-utilised. Hence, the group views its efforts as an independent contribution by Nigerian youths for Nigerian youths as a bid to support each other in getting involved in their country’s politics. 

They leverage on social media tools to discuss the economy situation and spread positive knowledge on voting rights.