Septuagenarian Wins N3m in Sports BetKing with N500


An aged man in Anambra State- Micheal Obiorah, has won three million Naira with just N500 after playing BetKing and has expressed delight as he shared his story with media men.

In his words, “I just believed I could win. See the result now.” He expressed that he has been a sports fan since childhood and when BetKing came to town and called on fearless prediction kings, he was very eager to join the playground for kings.
Michael attributes his success to daring belief in his ability to predict like a king of the game. He talked about the favourable odds as well as the comfort he felt playing at one of the Kingmakers’ shops in in Anambra.

Obiorah expressed gratitude to BetKing for providing a platform that was favorable and efficient especially because he received his winning within 24 hours of making his request.
He talked about how his winning would help him finish long term projects and also promised to keep playing on the platform.
According to the Chief Sam, who manages a BetKing shops in the region, “winnings like this continue to prove BetKing as a royal brand in Nigeria, supporting everyone who wishes to be awinner”, he said.

In the same development, the MD/CEO of BetKing, Byron Petzer said in a statement that BetKing will continue to create endless winning opportunities for fearless prediction kings on the platform. This win follows a recently reported win of over seven million naira on BetKing and according to a statement from the previous winner, he is busy making serious investments in several parts of Nigeria.

BetKing was launched on February 22, in Lagos, offering online services nationwide and agency services in eight states within Nigeria.
With headquarters in Lagos State, BetKing is working towards a nationwide expansion that places several physical shops across all states in Nigeria. Among the offerings of the company’s services are sports betting, not restricted to football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and more, customised state-of- the-art virtual games including the exclusively designed sports Kings’ League.