Creating the next Generation Fashion Entrepreneurs


Mary Ekah

The Director GMYT Fashion Academy and Founder of GMYT Foundation, , Princess Kelechi Oghene, has expressed her commitment to creating the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria by empowering young girls and women with fashion designing skills.

Speaking during the induction ceremony of the first batch of new students for the 2018 academic session held in Lagos recently, where close to 80 fresh students were inducted into the fashion academy to acquire the fashion designing skills in a more revolutionised way, Oghene said, “As an organisation known for touching lives, we have succeeded in training many women in fashion designing and also help them start their businesses. We inculcate not just the practical face of fashion and cloth making but also the business management aspect of it, which is the most indispensable part of fashion designing. We set platforms for our students to stand tall and be recognised.” She said further that GMYT is creating the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs and not just about teaching them about sewing but having them start their businesses.

“We had a previous graduation in December 2017 and now we are taking in fresh students, about 80 of them, so we are inducting them officially as part of the family,” she added. She called on the new students to maintain focus and diligence. “Be the best you can be and your rainbow will come smiling through. Practice the inner virtues so necessary for real transformation of your own lives.” She further advised the new students to imbibe attitude of their predecessors and follow their footsteps in all that they do, adding that they should understand that they here to learn and not to gossip.