ROZE Releases New Video


After much anticipation and excitement, Row and Zuwa- the music duo known as ROZE have released the video of their widely-accepted debut single ‘The Whole Night”. The group which was introduced to the Nigerian media in January has made good the promise to carve a niche for themselves with their own unique brand of music.

The love song ‘The Whole Night’ is a blend of romantic lyrics delivered with dancehall influence, eclectic sound and feel-good rhythm. The video was released on YouTube on Monday, April 23 and it has since been enjoying rave reviews and views both for its audio-visual quality, creativity and delivery.

Born in Houston, Texas, January 11, 1998 and July 30, 1999 to Nigerian-American parents, the US-based group later relocated to the home country of their parents, Nigeria, where they did their primary and secondary school education. Once done with their secondary school education, they then moved back to their birth place Houston, Texas, where they are now studying Petroleum Engineering and Architecture at the University of Houston and Houston Community College in Texas, United States of America.

Signed to U & I Music, an entertainment platform owned by their father, the brothers have indeed hoisted a flag on the dome of the music industry with this banging entrant of a single and a video, so stimulating as it is entertaining.

They first appeared in 2014 while working on a test project, titled ‘Time to Party,’ which was never released. However, they later appeared again in 2016, being introduced to producer, Mekoyo, who has produced for artist such as Style Plus.

Out of the several songs recorded by ROZE, the hit song titled ‘The Whole Night,’ already making waves in the US, was decided to be released in Africa. The video for the track is directed by Clarence Peter.