Pharmaceutical Company Advocates Use of Artemisinin Combination Therapy to Treat Malaria


As part of efforts to find a lasting cure to the treatment of Malaria, Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited has advocated the use of Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACTs) to fight the disease. According to a statement issued to THISDAY by a representative from the pharmaceutical company, Derrick Osondu, it was noted that a recent article published in a health journal in early 2017, posited that with concerted global effort, malaria incidence and death toll fell between 2001 and 2015.

He added that it was estimated that of the 6.2 million lives saved over that period, 5.9 million (95 per cent) were that of children under the ages of five.

Osondu in the statement said due to the report, the federal government has pledged to double its efforts to help fight the ailment, “to this end government would be securing a $300 million loan from different partner agencies to finance the country’s National Malaria Strategy.”