Music, Tourism Can Generate Forex and Contribute to GDP, Says AMBON


Ugo Aliogo, Esther Ehoche and Judith Obaze

Association of Music Band Owners of Nigeria (AMBON) has predicted that a combination of Nigeria’s tourism and music potential if well harnessed have the capacity to earn multimillion-dollar foreign exchange and also contribute multi-billion naira in locally internally generated revenues.

Speaking wednesday at the unveiling ceremony in Lagos, the President of the AMBON, Mr. Akin Tofowoma, said the association is an established body that collectively helps to develop, empower and organises the country’s ‘unorganised’ live music sector in Nigeria.
He added its efforts are to revive of the culture of live band music in the country and to improve the quality of music and set a standard for the sector.

He pointed out: “According to statistics in the United States, live band music ticket sales revenue will grow from $7.2 billion in 2015 to $ 9.1 billion in 2021. To this end, AMBON intends to build a coalition and act as a solidarity with other organisations who shares its concern for social and economic justice in the Nigeria music sector.

“AMBON seeks to get to the level where a band is called upon to play for an event not because it offers lower prices than other bands, but because of its worthiness. The dream of AMBON is to strive and get recognition both at national and international level.
“It has standards and expectations which have been set by members in pursuit of common visions and it plans to support and follow the by-laws by actively by participating in the music industry of Nigeria. The music industry is a big industry; we want to bring our own industry. We want to see how we can collectively revive the industry. Music is a serious business; therefore, we actually have scientific skills.”

He also stated that the association is founded on the principles of humanitarian services, the spirit of excellence and dedication to duty, adding that the association remains committed to dictating the standards for the quality and timeliness of live band music.
Tofowoma further stated that the association would bring together Nigerian artists who are unorganised and works together as an association and create a platform for them to be heard, stating that the association is set to treat all members with respect and dignity “without regard to ethnicity, age and race which are common problems among Nigerians.”

He added that through training, workshop, conferences, and seminars, the association would build highly motivated leaders at every level of the association who would reflect the membership in all its diversity.

He called owners of other music bands to join hands with AMBON in changing the face of music in the country, adding that their contribution would be very significant.