BetaSMS Launches Solutions to Increase Revenue for Schools, Businesses


A Lagos-based mobile marketing agency, BetaSMS has unveiled
a set of industry-leading business-oriented applications to
increase the productivity of schools and other business

The applications such as iPrefect and WasherMEN are designed
to give the users more control, encourage lean operations,
reduce overhead costs and generate more profit to keep them
in business.

According to the Managing Director of BetaSMS, Ajibola
Awojobi, the use of applications to run businesses is the
gateway to automating workflows and reducing workforce in
areas such as sales and marketing – sending SMS reminders,
developing and sending marketing campaigns targeted at new
and existing customers, attending to customers’ complaints
among others.

The iPrefect, which he said is the most complete school
automation software built for every educational institute –
colleges, universities, training schools etc -, aims to
improve management’s understanding and interaction with
students all through their stay in the school, while
reducing the workforce needed to achieve these.

“The solution will enable education institutions to
perform all activities in the cloud. Having cloud-based
Student Information System with no local premise footprint
of server or software means less time and money spent on IT
and more time is devoted to broader education priorities.

“This powerful solution offers features such as cloud
enabled student information system, student behaviour
tracking and analytics, profile management, campus
recruitment, communication and social features, admission
management, account management, laboratory management,
transport management, hostel management, among others.

The MD added: “Student behaviour tracking and analytics
and student profile management, for instance, are strong
value propositions for all business owners running any
learning institute. As machine learning algorithms advance
and data set grows, the behaviour tracking and analytics
feature not only notifies the school of any anomaly in the
student’s behaviour but also tracks occurrence and events,
as well as suggest immediate corrective measures to help nip
in the bud any unsavoury behaviour.”

Explaining why the application was created, the Head of
Communications, Adebimpe Ayoola said: “We decided to
create this solution because of the incessant complaints of
missing students’ files and records, as well as difficulty
in tracking students’ performances and behaviour. This
solution will help keep records for various institutions,
simplify the enquiry processes and help instill discipline
among students.

“In addition to tracking students’ behaviour, this
application will also help to build business owners’
confidence in the quality of students’ performances and
enable them to use these testimonials as a marketing tool to
attract more parents to enroll students in the school.”
Another solution, WasherMEN is a laundry management
software, designed with the one-man business model in mind,
but has the capacity to handle both commercial and
industrial laundry activities.

The solution works as an administrative tool that has
features like auto sending of SMS for laundry
collections, delivery, invoicing, inventory management and
reporting. The application provides the required flexibility
and makes it easy for a single person to seamlessly run a
laundromat until the business is ready to scale; as the
front-end of the business can be implemented through
hand-held devices – smartphone and tablet- and any computer
device from any location. With the app, one person can
easily attend to 20 customers in one day.”

On his part, the Sales and Marketing Director of the
company, Kolade Adegoke described the applications as
solutions that will enable business owners keep an eye on
all their ventures regardless of their location. “The two
applications, which are readily available, will run on a
subscription basis at a cheap price and can be boarded to
their BetaSMS dashboard on request within few hours.”