Edo tech-based teaching: pilot teachers applaud scheme as SUBEB Chair explains selection process


Special Adviser to Edo State Governor on Basic Education and Acting Chairperson, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr. Joan Osa-Oviawe, has said teachers in the pilot technology-based teaching method were picked after a rigorous selection process before their deployment to schools for Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabled learning.

Speaking with journalists in Benin City, she said teachers, who were trained in the first phase of Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation BEST (Edo BEST) programme, were selected from 300 primary schools across the state, noting, “These include teachers who demonstrated competence and ability in deploying new method of classroom management and techniques using the devices.”

 Some of the teachers who participated in the training  applauded the scheme and described it as world class and an opportunity to refresh their skills set.

Mr. Omonghibo Precious, a teacher from Ujielu Primary School, Ewossa in Igueben Local Government Area, said the training was timely as the education sector was overripe for overhauling, noting, “The scheme will improve the basic education sector for children.”

Mr. Ogbeide Sunday from Ogiesomwan Primary School in Uhunmwonde Local Government Area, said the two weeks training afforded him the chance to be part of the transformation of the basic sector of education. He said the scheme will improve teaching and learning outcomes in classrooms.

Mrs. Oriakhi Irene, from Iyenuroho Primary School in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area, said the scheme has prepared her to contribute to advancing the quality of basic education in the state.

Osa-Oviawe said, “At the end of the training session, teachers were shared into three categories. The first category includes those who displayed competence and ability to use the devices for teaching and were given the devices. The second category include teachers who are yet to master the use of the devices for teaching. This set of teachers will be retrained, at a date to be announced later.

“The third category includes teachers who are competent but are the only ones from their schools. They will be merged with other schools where the devices would be deployed for teaching.”

She said, “The devices will be used in primary one, two and three in the pilot schools, where the devices would be deployed. Schools where the devices will be used must have three or more teachers including the head teacher who must have participated in the training.”

Explaining that no form of competency test was conducted for teachers, Osa-Oviawe said, “Teachers deployed represent those who were certified by the trainers to be competent to participate in the pilot phase of Edo-BEST programme. There was no competency test for teachers who participated in the Edo-BEST training workshop. The method of evaluation was micro-teaching where the teachers used the devices to display what they learnt during the two weeks training session.”

Dr. Osa-Oviawe assured participants in the training will be paid by the state government.