Second wife is a treat. Ask Malam Gimba Yaukumo, who recently took Fatima Buhari as his second wife. The high society was agog as the former Managing Director of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria got married to President Muhammadu Buhari’s second daughter.

It was indeed more like a political gathering then when Fatima married Gimba in Katsina. Fatima and her lover had been dating for many years even before Buhari became the president. Yes, Gimba was married before and Fatima is now his second wife. Several months on, she has every reason to be grateful as her marriage to Gimba has turned out to be more blissful than she had ever dreamed.

The love and affection she enjoys from her husband deadened the agony she suffered in the wake of her last marriage. Gimba wiggled his way into Fatima’s 18-yard box. Like a goal bound fox-in-the-box, he made dazzling runs into the penalty area and laced a volley that pirouetted into her heart as Cupid’s bow settles amid the ventricles of the enamoured.

The couple’s love story is indeed a lovers’ delight devoid of the vanities and foibles of the much hackneyed postmodern romance that have always been such an integral part of every couples’ story. Their union is about something simple yet profound, something cosmic yet common. What cannot be denied is that in their union, there was majesty, that fascinating natural resource of the romantic enterprise, a gift celebrated by Jane Austen, one of the greatest bards as “a truth universally acknowledged.” Still, majesty is a concept that requires re-enchantment every generation or so — and in this time the spell was the couple