Buildings under high tension cables to give way as Obaseki warns of hazards 


Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has warned against erecting structures under high tension cables in the state, urging those still dwelling or doing business in such locations to vacate the buildings to avoid environmental and health hazards.

The governor, in a statement, said it was regrettable that some residents in the state ignored several warnings issued in the media and relayed during town hall meetings that they should vacate such dwellings in different parts of the state.

According to him, “We are constrained to make this appeal again after initial attempts to dissuade the people from living or doing business under high tension cables were not heeded. It is a source of worry for us as a government because we are aware of the risks involved and are determined to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

“Much as we have the option to forcefully evacuate these persons from such places, we would want to first tread on the path of caution and treat them as reasonable, responsible fellow humans who will heed advise.”

He cautioned those who live in such locations to work with relevant government agencies to ensure the safe evacuation of their belongings and businesses.

The governor explained that the warnings were imperative because of the unfortunate past incidents such as the death of 30 persons at viewing centre in Calabar after a high-tension cable fell on the facility among other similar incidents.

“It is in the interest of our people that we have decided to rev up this campaign. We are witnesses to the wanton destruction that can result from a mishap with the high-tension cables. And it will be saddening when this occurs and we have people trapped under the rubbles because they fail to heed warnings.

Noting that the state government values the lives of its people, he said, “We will continue with the campaign because, above all else, we value the lives of our people and will not allow harm come their way when such can be prevented.

To reiterate, we caution Edo people to vacate dwellings under high-tension cables, move to safer locations and reduce the chances of preventable tragedies.”