Tragic! Nigerian Youngsters Top List of London Killings Victims


Lekan Fatodu

It’s a sober and disturbing moment for most Londoners particularly parents living in the city of London with the violent epidemic rampaging the city.

As at the last count, 50 people, mostly young ones, have fallen victims of mindless killings in London, a gripping situation which has sent both the Prime Minister’s office and the office of the mayor of London into panic mode and also necessitated emergency meetings for desirable solutions.

Meanwhile, another terribly distressing side to this ugly development is the fact that top on the list of the victims of these vicious killings are British-Nigerian youngsters who are mostly boys.

The news of the killing of Abraham Badru, 26, whose father is one of those representing Lagos State in the lower chamber of Nigeria’s federal legislature, was widely reported in the UK and was sufficiently covered across Nigerian media.

Sadly, apart from Badru, there are Oluwadamilola Odeyingbo, 18; Taofeek Lamidi, 20; Rotimi Oshibanjo, 26; Fola Odubiyi, 18; Niyi Shode, 24; and Isreal Ogunshola, 18; listed amongst young people of Nigerian descent whose lives have been cut short by knife-wielding and gun-toting gangs and criminals terrorizing the streets of London.

Unsurprisingly, this alarming violence spreading across the city has compelled the Metropolitan Police of London to raise concern and activate a Section 60 order which allows them to stop and search members of the public without suspicion in an effort to get to grips with the ceaseless violence.

Similarly, parents have also been called upon to keep closer eyes on the company their children keep, their whereabouts and to report suspicious behaviours in order to save lives and to keep the society safer.

In the same measure, members of the public are advised not to hesitate to make the emergency call whenever any potentially dangerous exchanges are observed or identified in the public before they get out of hands.

It is hoped that the increased action will bring peace and sanity to the city; and also help to preserve lives of many young people to be useful for the future of Britain and Nigeria.