Warn Your Subjects against Making Inflammatory Statements, Kalu Tells Obas


 James Sowole in Akure

The former Governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu saturday asked traditional rulers to warn their subjects against making inflammatory statements that can cause war in the country.

Kalu stated this in Akure, Ondo State during his visit to the Paramount Ruler of Akure Kingdom, the Deji, Oba Ogunlade Aladetyinbo in continuation of his advocacy visit to palaces in support of the second term ambition of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kalu said Buhari may not be perfect in his dealings, that was not
enough for some people who should advise him to start inciting

”It is worrisome that some people statements try to divide the
country. People who instead of build I by government unity are
building disunity for us and it is not the best way.

”So, I felt I should go round to canvass to major traditional rulers who have been supporting President Mohammadu Buhari to continue to support the President because it is the right thing to do and honest thing to do for people who want democracy to thrive.

”No man is perfect in whatever they do. Even me, I am not perfect. We Christians, our Lord Jesus that came to save us, people have a lot to say about him. So, I don’t think any man is really perfect without criticism.

”The President is doing very well, he might have make mistakes in one or two things, but we are on board to tell him Mr. President this not good.

”But in terms of service delivery, this President has delivered in
two, three years what no other President can give to the country”, Kalu said

Specifically, Kalu said Buhari had done a lot in the area of road
reconstruction and rebuilding since he came on board.

”If you go to Federal roads that have been abandoned in 16 years, they are being build now. I toured all the country. I traveled a lot both on land and on air .I know the country very

“When you look at me, you see the face of Nigeria. I understand this country very well. We are here to thank your majesty and bring this advocacy to your palace for you to continue preaching peace within this area.

”Some people have come out to attack the President violently and when two generals fight, you know what will happen. It will cause a war. So, we don’t want them to fight and this why we are going through
some palaces asking the traditional rulers who are very close to their
people to tell them to keep quiet and be firm in the process of
democracy. Democracy is not built in one day”, Kalu stated.

The former governor said he was in Akure to seek the support of Deji to support the re-election bid of Buhari, saying ” he is going to run unless God says no.

“He will run for the election because he has no alternative than to seek for second term. Even people who are not happy with him, who have done worse than him ran for re-election and they passed.”

Responding, Deji said the president did not meet the expectations of Nigerians. “When president was campaigning, we thought that the Messiah was coming but he had not done up to the what the people expected”, the monarch stated

Aladetoyinbo, therefore, asked Kalu to tell the president to do more in terms of people oriented programmes.