The rich take their pleasures blithely, after the fashion of whatever seems to be trendy. Hence it is not in habit but in novelty and the clichéd that many a billionaire often pursues and acquires joie de vivre and pleasure.

According to TheCable, It was just a regular bus trip in London, UK — but the trip-taker, Femi Otedola, the billionaire Chairman of Forte Oil and Geregu Power, is far from regular. By virtue of being a Nigerian billionaire, most of whom are known for their ostentatious displays, Otedola was not expected to be found using public transport. But the oil mogul and one of the richest Nigerians took a bus “to see my old teacher at Wandsworth” — and ever since, Nigerians on Instagram can’t seem to shake off the excitement. Expectedly, he basked in the blizzard of good wishes that buffeted him on the social media.

The oil magnate shared the video on his page, and in less than three days, it has been viewed almost 260,000 times.
With over 1,400 comments, the video is Otedola’s most engaging post on Instagram since he hopped aboard the photo-sharing platform. Shortly after his bus trip, Otedola stopped by a restaurant where “truck drivers and millionaires eat at the same table” to sate his appetite.

Curiously, however, what shade and colouration of vanity would drive Nigerian elites to engage in intense competition with each other for social correctness and youth appeal? Perhaps the type that drives the proverbial old woman to channel and relive the pleasure of youth and her famished beauty in grandiose and evanescent dreams. We heard that some rich men are ‘copying’ Otedola’s style on the social media now in some funny ways.

Some would call it ego-tripping but not a few people would see through these men’s frantic quest for social appeal, particularly among the youth. Hence it’s official: Nigeria’s superrich are bored with their wild extravagance and lust for expensive material toys like private jets, yachts and posh homes in exclusive neigbourhoods around the world; they have devised another means to perpetuate their hankering for elitist consumption and status enhancement.