Ukhomuyio, Okpella to Honour Good Behaviour at Annual Awards


By Godwin Ifijeh

The people of Ukhomuyio Community in Okpella Clan, Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State are to enthrone an annual award programme to honour good behaviour and commendable service to the community.

Mr.Sam S.O Afemikhe, the new National President of the community, who made this known in his acceptance speech immediately after the election and inauguration of a new executive committee for the community on Easter Sunday in Okpella, told the mammoth crowd of all sons and daughters of the community from far and near and the village heads and chiefs gathered at the Erame Primary School, Ukhomuyio, Okpella, for the election and enthronement of the new leaders that good behaviour and commendable service to the community will be rewarded through an annual award programme.

“It has become common for a few people to resort to criminality and violence to resolve issues. While we plead for dialogue and fraternal resolution of issues rather than resorting to criminality, we will ensure that criminals are punished as set out by the law of the land.
“Good behaviour and commendable service to the community will also be rewarded through an Annual Award Programme,” the Lagos-based renowned Accountant said.
Thanking the people for coming out en-mass to support the Ukhomuyio cause, Afemikhe noted with regret that many issues of disaffection among various interest groups in the community have led to deep disagreements, divisions and the flight of the spirit of oneness and unity the people were once known for.

“Our land needs healing and genuine reconciliation, Ukhomuyio Community is one and deserves unity and the need to speak with one voice, going to court has now become a popular way of resolving issues among ourselves and our community brothers and we have so many cases in court today. We will ensure that an audit of all the court cases is carried out with the aim of eliminating the duplicated and irrelevant ones and focusing on the value-adding matters,” the fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) charged, assuring the people that together with the other members of his executive, he will work with the village heads, youths, the mothers and fathers to reconcile the different groups and restore once again genuine peace and unity among the people and enthrone equity, fairness, justice and brotherliness.
Afemikhe hinted that to bring back sustainable peace, unity and progress in the community, the existing structures would be reviewed and revamped and at the same time tipped them off on the expectations of his administration: “It is my firm belief that Ukhomunyio will move forward with efficient and effective systems based on focus, accountability, transparency, fairness, equity, probity, justice and progress for all its sons and daughters. We will work without any iota of discrimination.

“Public funds will be spent publicly for the general good and not for any section of the community or individuals, however, highly placed. To this end, all members of the Executive pledge not to engage in any personal or private business with our investors and to deal with them independently and robustly for the benefit of the community at all times. We will sign a code of ethics to this effect.”
Confident without any doubt in his conviction that every aspect of his programme for the community is realisable, considering its large scale blessings with abundant mineral resources, the new president continued: “we shall engage all investors fairly, equitably and with a win-win approach. When this happens, our youths will become trained and gainfully employed. This way, they too can contribute their quota to the economic and social growth and development of our dear land.

“We expect the investors to equitably reward our God-given resources, employ our youths in quality positions and deliver services to our community through a robust programme of Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development Agreements.”
The community under his watch, he added, shall carry out an audit of its mineral resources, harness them efficiently and effectively and create a revenue sharing formula that would adequately reward the village heads, titled chiefs, youths and ensure the development of the community in terms of school repairs, engagement of quality teachers to support teaching and learning in the schools, support for students, provision of basic healthcare facilities and bore holes, among others.

He charged the people to see him as National President to all Ukhomunyio sons and daughters and not to a section or select few, appealing that they whole heartedly work with his executive not only to put Ukhomuyio on the map for positive things and not criminality but to make it a pace setter in Edo State and the country as a whole.
Other members of the Ukhomwunyio Executive Committee are Hon. Charles A. Ikhumesomi, 1st National Vice President, Hon. Luke Obalo, 2nd National Vice President, Pastor Eshioramhe M.O. Eshioguemhe, National Secretary, Comrade Jimoh I. Goodluck, 1st Assistant National Secretary, and Mr. Rato F.I. Inabefo, 2nd Assistant National Secretary. Others are Engr. Mathew Okun, Financial Secretary, Mr. Victor.I, Balogun, Treasurer, and Emmanuel Kolawole Okhakhu, Public Relations Officer.