Cars45 Partners Firm for Sales of Locally Used Vehicles


Indigenous car buying service, Cars45 has struck a partnership deal with Turing Simcubator and Carsbazr, to launch a refurbishment centre and retail point in Lagos.
Simcubator is one of Nigeria’s largest mult-brand automobile workshop while Carsbazr is Nigeria’s largest locally used-car sales platform.
According to the sponsor of the deal, the initiative was essential to make efficiently refurbished cars available to customers to enable them simply “buy and drive.”
By this agreement, used cars from Nigeria that have been sold to Cars45 would be fixed to meet world-class standard by Turing Simcubator and upon repairs will be made available to Nigerians in good condition for immediate use.
Speaking about the deal, Head of Marketing at the car buying service, Mohammed Iyamu, stated that the initiative would further help to allay the fears of Nigerians when purchasing used cars.
“Nigerians largely express their fears when it comes to buying Nigerian-used cars. This fear is based on the mechanical problems caused by bad roads, harsh climatic conditions or user negligence. This arrangement provides a lasting solution to this challenge wherein customers can buy locally-used cars and sleep with two eyes closed.”
Also speaking, Service Manager of Turing Simcubator’s, Vivek Arora added, “With this arrangement, the future of used cars on the road is truly bright. The stress of buying and shipping a car from overseas is one Nigerians will not have to go through since this deal is offering the exact quality in the refurbished cars.”