Poskii’s Moods Extracted Features Legendary Jimi Solanke


Yinka Olatunbosun

Ade Adebanjo, otherwise known as Poskii is dropping his first studio album and it features the legendary theatre artiste, singer-songwriter and master storyteller, Jimi Solanke. The five-track album is a product of a five-month intensive studio work with songs that are rooted in highlife music tradition and folkloric elements.

Solanke’s collaborative effort with Poskii yields the track, “Ife Baba Agba’ which is largely inspired by a song originally recorded by Solanke titled, “Baba Agba’’. Poskii was weaned on highlife music and other rich African vibes as a child. His father was a strong music fan and his siblings, all towing the medical line, play several instruments.

Poskii is a medical doctor in public health but in private, he is a true artist. Freedom Park is like a second home and his associates there had contributed to his return to music. As a young student in the UK, Poskii had toyed with music. Having received a loving warning from his father not to make career out of music, he stayed along the corridors, following the music trends and playing only to friends in private.

But one incident almost pushed him to stage. The first time he performed at a friend’s birthday in the UK, the residential ATM was emptied as friends withdrew money to show appreciation for his performance. That day, he made £700. The second time, he made £1000. He had to stop because he remembered his father’s warning that to go into music profession full time would put personal reputation at risk, lure one into reckless lifestyle involving drug abuse and promiscuity.

He ended up being a music fan, watching friends perform instead. Occasionally, he would be called to get on stage. The jazz musician, Seun Olota once did that and the audience’s response was a thrill. Poskii knew he had to return to music, though not at the expense of his medical duties.

One thing Poskii has in common with Solanke is producing music without putting commercial interest ahead.
“Music for me is not about money. Most people who play good music are not flamboyantly rich. For me, it’s never about the money,’’ he said.

His songs are created to speak more to the soul than to the feet but they are very danceable. Poskii thinks they may have cross-over appeal judging by the reaction of his friends spread across different generations. At work, Poskii’s colleagues adore him and enjoy watching him perform.

“I have been encouraged by many of my colleagues in medicine, some with cash,’’ he said, citing the example of a colleague who gave him a sum of N10,000 when he started working on the album.

Poskii who hails from Ijebu Mushin is interested in producing music with clean lyrics that a family can listen to. Other songs in the album are “E Gbami (Accept me)’’, “Way Home’’, “Freedom Way’’, “Instruments for life’’ and “Ajimu (Early Merry)’’. The album listening is scheduled for April 8 at Freedom Park.