‘ATCON Needs Committed Leaders to Drive Development’


The Chief Executive Officer of Back Bone Connectivity, an active player in the Nigerian telecoms space and a Very committed member of the Association of Telecoms Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Mr. Ibrahim Dikko has expressed the need for members to elect committed leaders in the forth coming election. 

Dikko who is contesting for the position of the 1st Vice President of ATCON, said if elected, would join forces with other elected members to promote the restructuring of ATCON for effectiveness.

The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria has some key roles in stabilizing the entire sector by being unbiased in its position on issues that are affecting the entire ecosystem and that is one of the reason some companies are still existing today. I want to be part of the association that exists for its members.

I am motivated to contest for the position of 1st Vice President of the umbrella body for all telecom companies because of the role that the ATCON is playing in restructuring the telecom industry for effectiveness.

There are many issues in the Nigerian telecom industry today that can only be resolved if we use the ATCON’s platform effectively with the sole aim of making sure that our industry remains attractive to would be investors.
ATCON at this material time needs personalities who have committed their hard-earned savings to building the industry and I know I am one of those who are committed and passionate to growing this industry for the betterment of country. I promise to make useful input towards building an industry that would be an envy of the whole world through ATCON.

I plan to work with all members of NEC to achieve few things I have stated and I would also ensure that issues like right of way, multiple taxation and weak financial base, infrastructure deficit in the industry are given adequate attention.

Other things that I would do make my impact felt are as follows

Encouraging Capacity Building
It is noteworthy that ATCON under our watch is going to build capacity to save Nigeria from depending on foreigners to develop our Information and Technology space.

Government Digital Services Promotion
ATCON would work very hard to migrate all government services to web based services. This would in no doubt reduce government cost and make government services accessible and effective.

Issues around Convergence
Our sector has had a positive impact on every aspect of human life. There is no doubt that the emergence and liberalization of this sector has also impacted positively on revenue accruable to government , employment generation (both Direct and Indirect), Foreign Direct Investment (in tens of billions of dollars) and a host of other positives which time would not permit me to mention.

ATCON would work out plans to deliever the dividends of liberalizing the Telecommunication sector in that if technologies are not developed to cater for the needs of Nigerians then the ubiquitous and pervasive broadband that we are clamouring for would be a wasted efforts.