MART Oil Resources Launches New Brand Identity


Rebecca Ejifoma‬

‪After months of planning and strategic decisions, a new and befitting brand identity was created and launched for Mart Umusadege Resources Nigeria Limited (MURNL). ‬
‪The change of brand identity and logo was necessary following its 100 per cent acquisition by Midwestern Oil and Gas, the parent company of the erstwhile tripartite partnership. ‬‬‬

‪Prior to the acquisition, Midwestern Oil and Gas, Mart Energy Services and Suntrust Oil Company, operated a tripod strategic alliance, operating at the ‬‬‬‪Umusadege field, in Kwale, Delta State. ‬ ‬‬

‪At the launch, to ensure all staff are carried along, all their staff along, a live transmission was organised for the staff at the Kwale, Delta State, where the marginal field is located. ‬ ‪According to the Managing Director, Midwestern Oil and Gas, Mr. Charles Odita, the rebranding effort took months of planning, deliberation and collaboration, because it was very important for them to create an image that will represent MART as a fully nationalised company that is strategically positioned to play a major role in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. ‬‬‬‬‬
‪While launching the product, the MD explained that the gold liquid on the symbol, symbolises an oil drop while the surroundings was the oil field. ‬‬‬

‪He said, “Visual Identity comprises a symbol and word mark. The symbol typifies the company’s business, which is a stylised oil drop in a protective layer. ‬‬‬

‪”The oil drop is represented by the black colour to connote oil as black. The gold colour connotes wealth.‬‬‬
‪”These are the expectation that the company hopes to fulfill in the coming years.”‬‬‬

‪ ‪Going down memory lane, he said, “MART Umusadege Resources Nigeria Limited used to be Mart Resources Inc. an international upstream oil and Gas Company which explores for, acquires, develops, and produces oil and gas in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ‬‬‬‬‬

‪”The company was incorporated in 1994, headquartered in Calgary, Canada and principally held interests in the Umusadege marginal oil field. ‬‬‬

‪”Mart Resources Inc. was acquired by Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited in 2016. ‬‬‬

‪”Although now a part of the Midwestern Group and renamed as Mart Umusadege Resources Nigeria Limited (MURNL), the strategic thrust as previously stated remains the same as MART will continue to play a leading role in the provision of technical and commercial support services to small Nigerian independent oil and gas companies. ‬‬‬

‪”Small strides by MART in the last two years since its acquisition includes the continuous provision of Technical Support to Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited especially in the Subsurface area. ‬‬‬

‪”Most recently, MART will be providing MWOG with the services of a Production Technologist and Reservoir Engineer. ‬‬‬
‪”The company is soon to undertake a strategic planning workshop to chart its road map for the next five years.”‬‬‬
‪On the brand positioning he said, Mart Umusadege will be positioned as a proud African Company which represents the best African value.”‬‬‬

On their brand personality he said, ‬ “The company embodies leadership qualities and is a model for African Enterprise.”‬

On its brand character, he said the company stands for integrity and responsibility, while its brand voice is authoritative and confident.‬