Blaugrana International Backs UINCEF on Educational Advancement of the Nigerian Child


Driven by an undaunted and strong passion to better the world, Blaugrana International Group, recently, extended her hands of sustainable goodwill to the esteemed United Nations Children’s Education Fund, UNICEF and the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), to further its vision of actualising the dream of those, who are champions of the rights and educational advancement of the Nigerian child.

In the light of this, a select global audience gathered at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, recently, to give the Nigerian child a hope at an event tagged, ‘the Gala Night of the Legends For Children’, conceptualised to be an annual fund raising event that will help in drumming for support for the Legend For Children project.

This novel initiative of Blaugrana International Group, the promoters of the elite FCBESCOLA, Soccer School, Lagos, is a veritable opportunity for the corporate Nigeria, International organisations, governments at all levels and her agencies, religious organisations and good spirited individuals to help give the Nigerian child a life through proper quality education, that will make him or her lead a meaningful life and assist such to contribute meaningfully in changing the world positively.

At the epoch event, addressing the media, the Chairman, Blaugrana International Group, Leslie Oghomienor, said that, everywhere you go, you find that a Nigerian child is faced with too many challenges and the security situation, particularly in the North Eastern Nigeria make it worse. It is also discovered that the girl-child and women are the most affected.

“In this, we are unequivocally inspired and motivated by the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari’s doggedness in championing the rights of the child and her unalloyed support and humane love for victims of insurgency, through the Future Assured Programme and other foundation of hers,” he added.

He noted that, it is in encouraging this effort of hers, that she was presented with the UNICEF’s Special Commendation Award at the glamorous media event.

He regretted that, it is estimated that over 10 million children are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa and it is sad to discover that Nigeria is the most hit. He went further to say, “that recent developments and economic indices have shown that it is impossible for government to single-handedly provide the medicines for this national malady.

“Therefore, for us, at Blaugrana International Group, we find fulfillment in helping others, especially children, discover themselves, make progress and live their dreams. The only way this can be done, is by providing enabling peaceful and secured environment that will provoke the giant in them and bring to the fore, the gifts of God in these children for the collective upliftment of humanity.”

Commending the huge contribution of UNICEF and NCWD, he said,” we are excitedly envious of these reputable bodies’ achievement in making life worth living for women and children. Thus, we find joy in being a part of the passion to advance the cause of women and children and ensure a bright future for us all.

UNICEF Country Representative, Mohammed Fall who presented the award to the wife of the President, who was ably represented by Mrs. Gimbiya Dogara, wife of the Speaker, House of Representatives, called on the First Lady, to lent her helping hands and strong recogniseable voice for the Legends For Children Project with the same strength she is using for the Future Assured Programme, which has made an overwhelming positive impact.

The chief host, FCT Minister Mallam Musa Bello, told the gathering that top of his agenda, is ensuring that prominence is given to the provision of all round requirement, that guarantees, a good quality education for every child in the FCT. He called on corporate bodies and individuals to augment the efforts of government in order to achieve the desire change.

In her contribution, the DG, NCWD, Mrs. Mary Ekpere-Ita, applauded all who made the event fruitful and challenged others who are not yet involved, to toe the line of the ebullient Chairman, Blaugrana International Group, who sees the Legends For Children Project as a veritable opportunity to help others live better life.