Nobody knew when or how love waned in the marriage of the popular music diva, Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband, Tunji Balogun, but everybody knows when their marriage crashed. It was the saddest news ever. Friends and family watched in consternation as rancour and hate intruded the couple’s bliss leaving them wretched and burnt out of love. Contrary to popular belief that the couple enjoyed a great marriage, the reverse was the case.

Conflict and distrust bordering on infidelity frequently marred their union; Tiwa continually lived in dread of Tunji’s alleged philandering which resulted in a couple of kids from several baby mamas and mistresses. Eventually the couple fell out of love and their marriage hit the rocks thus affirming fears that they lacked the patience and enduring maturity to surmount the storms of matrimony. It would be recalled that they painted the town the colour of their love when the going was good. But things got so bad afterwards and they got separated over his alleged infidelity. To TeeBillz, love was the thorn that pricked his strides in the valley of marriage.

He hurt and bled from sting. Since his celebrated marriage to Tiwa crashed recently, he has put his heart under lock and key and relocated to America. Bliss deserted Teebillz’s marriage in unexpected hours, like a crushed knight fleeing the gates of a fallen fortress. To Tiwa, the love that warmed the inner cockles of her heart soon became the thorn that pierced her lungs while she inhaled the fragrance of passion. Thus her marriage to Tunji crashed irredeemably, while they were busy doing other things.

The couple certainly fell out of love, forgetting that where there is no love, there is no ardour. They simply stopped tolerating each other. They could no longer bear to live as man and wife while their passion subsided and their home became a wretched cove of distrust and hatred. You couldn’t have forgotten so soon how Teebillz was allegedly rescued from committing suicide after he ran his car into another motorist’s.