Prof. Pawan Budhwar

An assessment of the current socio-economic landscape in Nigeria will reveal rising inflation, weak growth, declining consumer demand, high-interest rates, and organisations struggling to survive, it is evident that every Nigerian at each level needs to implement a strategic change. While senior executives know that this strategic change for organisational renewal has to begin with the leaders occupying influential positions in the nation (Ministers, Commissioners, CEOs, MDs, DGs, Directors, senior managers, etc.), the million pound question is how could this be done successfully?

To ensure that leaders, teams and organisations in Nigeria successfully harness the limited opportunities in these tough times, stimulate innovation and emerge as winners, Texem UK, a reputable consulting firm in the United Kingdom offers a solution that will help leaders achieve this and more. With many years of partnering with Nigerian executives to develop more effective and efficient organizations, TEXEM presents a tailored executive development program titled “Building Successful Organizations that Endure: Aligning Purpose, Process, Performance, and People” to be delivered by Professor Pawan Budhwar, Editor in Chief of British Academy of Management-the world’s leading management Journal. Professor Pawan has offered consultancy services to hundreds of firms globally. This programme is specially designed to ensure that every organisation in Nigeria successfully succeed, create long-lasting organisations which win and ultimately achieve a sustainable competitive edge. For more information, please visit or email

According to Professor Pawan, “Leaders can learn how to create enduring success by attending the forthcoming programme coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of May at Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. But in brief, a successful organisation can be defined in a variety of ways depending on a given stakeholder’s viewpoint. It can be defined regarding market leadership, profitability, and reputation, achievement of action/target/goal in a given period, monetary rewards, or positive impact on others, amongst others. There are few ways of building an enduring organisation; these include: by embedding resilience in their businesses, can act fast to respond to forces of change (e.g., competition, demands, technological advancements, etc.), continuously transforming by developing new competence and capabilities. Others are by minimising the gap between intention and needed actions, having proactive and agile leadership, having a strong culture aligned to a clear vision, providing extraordinary returns of key stakeholders on an ongoing basis, amongst others”.

This training will also enable executives network with key stakeholders while receiving world-class training from world renowned Prof. Pawan Budhwar.

It is worth emphasizing that Professor Pawan Budhwar has decades of research on world-class organizational best practice principles which he plans to share with executives at the forthcoming training to ensure attendees build and maintain organisation that will last beyond a lifetime.

Highly interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.
Previous TEXEM delegate Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)
The content of the program has been rich and educative, refreshing, enlightening and thought provoking. I enjoyed this program and I am looking forward to another program.

Previous TEXEM delegate Andy Uwejeyan (Managing Director A&J Construction Company Ltd.)
Today we have learned a lot. I would recommend this course for people in government and in the private sector. We have been able to understand the importance of sustainability to strategy and performance.
Chimenum Mpi – Head of Administration – River State Internal Revenue Service.

I found this program very, very rewarding. In the past I always had a way of thinking that the matter of sustainability related only to policy matters but during this program it has been broken down into the company level and for me there are a number of take-aways that I hope to begin implementing once I get back home.

Frank Algbogun – CEO and Publisher Businessday
My experience in this program has been quite enormous…
The organisers, we saw that they prepared for us and they were quite good, quite sociable, quite academic and we had discussion platforms that were divided into groups.On a general note, TEXEM is laying a foundation that will grow like an iroko tree. On this note I want to thank the CEO of TEXEM, Alim Abubakre and his colleagues for making it possible for us to attend.

Godson Mark Torukuru – Chair Bayelsa State Internal Rev. Service
The issues discussed actually changed my view about the government… The session is quite illuminating and is quite fascinating in the sense that in developing economy like Nigeria, government actually plays a big role.

Olanrewaju Bakare – Head of Finance and Strategy
This course has been a tremendous for me and there a lot of things that I will take back home from here and hopefully it will help my company grow better. I have met a lot of interesting people, and I am hoping that everything we have learned here, we would each take home and hopefully help our different companies and the organisations that we work for to grow better.

Omasan Amuka-Dudu – AGM legal Vanguard
Sustainability is very important, not just for now but also for the future. Coming to this program, we have learned much about sustainability and human security which goes beyond carrying arms. It is not just about the physical, it has a lot of other things that come in when you talk about human security and that is where sustainability comes in. I am grateful to TEXEM and of course I will recommend and I look forward to other trainings.

Onene Osila Obele-Oshoko – Executive Chair River State Internal Rev. Ser.
I cannot wait to get back to Nigeria and start putting the perspective that I have gotten today into place to grow my business.
Owolabi Awosan – Exec. Vice President Greater Washington

This program has opened my eyes in certain ways to be able to appreciate certain things as to how there can be a good relationship between government and all the other sectors for sustainable development, particularly in African countries where the need for provision of infrastructure is at the centre stage of development at this point of time.

Zaacheaus Adebayo Anate – Director Insurance, NDIC 18.44
I would like to use this medium to express my appreciation to the organisers of this conference and I wish them best of luck in their endeavours.
Hon. Tijjani Ibrahim Kiyawa – Member, House of Representative, National House of Representative.

It has been fantastic been in Manchester and having this course organised by TEXEM. We have had wonderful lectures and wonderful colleagues. The organisers have been simply very great and very supportive.
I will definitely come back again, again and again. I want to recommend to all organisations in Nigeria that they should sign as many people up for this course as possible – they will never regret it.

Chief James Katugwa – Federal Commissioner, Presidency
I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect
Peter Atolo Irene, (Executive Director Finance & Admin, Union Assurance)
Executive Development programme at Oxford was perfectly conducted-The Faculty were very high profile with excellent communication skills. The tours were educative, informative and enlightening.

Hon Tijanni Ibrahim Kiyawa (Member House of Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria)
I like everything about the programme. I am moved by the passion for imparting knowledge, so much that even at dinner time, we had intellectually stimulating experiences. It has been knowledge sharing and knowledge sharing all the way.
Al Hassan Yusuf, (Senior Human Resources Manager, Media Trusts)
The partnership with a reputable institution and the timing of the topic very apt.

Wuraola Oduntan, (Head of Sales, Virgin Atlantic)
Fantastic, purposeful and educative-Well delivered and highly relevant.
Salami Liadi Olagoke (Accountant General, Oyo State)
Highly interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.

Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)
I am very fascinated by the speakers and the different approaches to such a complex issue and we need to continue this.
Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley (Business Innovation Manager, InCrops)
I truly enjoyed the evening, great speakers and good questions from the audience. So thank you for the invite!
Stine Jensen (The Bigger Picture’ Manager, Sky)

It was a genuine pleasure working with ‘These Young Minds’ on their recent event at Cambridge University. The topics presented and panel questions on the transition to the low carbon economy were stimulating for both the speakers and audience alike.

Sak Nayagam (Managing Director, Climate Change Services Europe, Accenture)
The event brought together an interesting and diverse set of views on Green Entrepreneurs. It highlighted the enormous opportunities that exist both for those interested in creating their own business and for those seeking to create change within large companies.
Trewin Restorick (CEO Global Action Plan)