PSP Operators Deny Waste Management Partnership with Visionscape  

By Fadekemi Ajakaiye
The Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAM) popularly known as PSP has denied having a partnership deal with Visionscape to rid Lagos of solid waste.
According to a statement, on Sunday, signed by the Chairman of the association, Oladipo Egbeyemi, “Our attention has been drawn to some publications in both the print and electronic media, including the social media in which there were claims that Visionscape and the PSP operators have resolved to work as partners following a meeting on Thursday the 22nd February 2018. This is clearly misleading and untrue. 
“On the said date we were before Justice Taofiquat Oyekan Abdullahi of the Lagos High Court, sitting in Igbosere, in the suit filed by the Incorporated Trustees of the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria also known as PSP against the Lagos State Government. Visionscape, and ABC Sanitation Solution all the parties legal representatives were duly present and the case was adjourned till March 7, 2018. The reason for the adjournment was to allow all parties to document agreement reached with His Excellency Mr Akinwummi Ambode on Saturday 27th January 2018. It was also to allow both parties to conclude on areas that have not been resolved. 
“We are, however, disturbed by the news that while we (including the lawyers of the Government, Visionscape and ABC solution) were in court, there was a parallel meeting at the Ministry of Environment and Visionscape. And, that some individuals claiming to represent the interest of PSP had reached an agreement.
“Therefore, we would like to state categorically that these individuals do not have the mandate of our members. Consequently, they are in no way representing the collective interest of the Association. We, the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria, registered under the Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have a duly nominated Executive Caretaker Committee to steer the affairs of the Association following the resignation of the former Executives. This Executive Caretakers have been mandated to negotiate on behalf of our members. 
“We are proud of being responsible for making Lagos a clean State and are saddened to see waste return to our beloved Lagos. With a great sense of responsibility we agreed to collaborate with Visionscape following an explorative meeting between the Chief Executive of Visionscape, John Irvine. We expected that by now negotiations would have been concluded but Visionscape  have yet to  follow through after the agreements reached at the meeting. 
“We hereby appeal to the Government of His Excellency Mr Akinwumni Ambode, not to patronise or encourage or meet with those that are not the accredited representatives of PSP operators, so that the government is not seen as encouraging impunity or sponsoring factions within our registered organisation. We have continued to adhere to the directive of His Lordship to continue to work despite the air of uncertainty that has plagued our industry in the last two years and the deplorable state of the dumpsites. 
“We remain committed to an amicable legal resolution with the Government and collaboration with all stakeholders to not only restore Lagos to her once glorious clean state of old but to actualise the Cleaner Lagos of the dream of His Excellency Mr Akinwummi Ambode.
“We urge all our members AND sympathisers and indeed all lovers of a cleaner Lagos, not to be discouraged by the seeming intransigence of Visionscape in following through with the negotiations already commenced, but to continue to serve the good people of Lagos State in good conscience, hoping that with time, good reason will prevail to make the government agree to partner with in truth and in deed, for a Cleaner Lagos.”