Chalya Shagaya

A wind chime carefully spread its stillness over him and he collapsed into the mythical canopy of eternal sleep. By the time Senator John Shagaya breathed his last, his friends and family were caught unawares.

In the hitherto enviable and exotic world of town lady, Chalya Shagaya, the sky is no longer a silvery and opalescent delight; it is now pitch black and brackish. And sadly, it would take almost forever for things to return to normalcy for her.

Some days ago, her beloved father, Senator John Shagaya, was involved in a ghastly car crash in Jos. It was a devastating and distasteful death that has plunged the entire Shagaya clan into a pall of gloom.

There is a sad dirge in the home of John Shagaya. Looking back now, Chalya recollects those wonderful moments in puzzling silence; ‘how could someone who gave her so much joy depart in such a gruesome manner?” Despite his privileged roots and social status, he remained throughout his lifetime, a very secure person at heart, almost too trusting and devout in his desire to do good for others. It was as if he went out of his way to help the needy in order to release himself from deep feelings of unworthiness, of which his humility and graciousness were mere glowing indicators, argues a family friend. However, Chalya is the worst hit amongst the children. The late soldier prayed to witness the day his beloved daughter would bring in a husband and subsequently see his grandchildren but alas, death had another plan. Not married in the presence of her father is one of Chalya unfulfilled dreams.

She loved him so much. However, prodded by hazy and clear remembrance of his humaneness and civility, she is ready to give her all in giving the deceased a befitting burial.