In Full Force! About the 3 Nigerian Siblings in the US Army


Quite recently the picture of the Odocha, the three Nigerian siblings serving in the US army, hit the cyberspace. While it got many excited, it left some others wondering what attracted the amazing siblings to a career in the military.

Interestingly, according to close associates of the family, the Odochas are said to be driven by the passion to truly serve. This means they will literally be deploying their all – hands, strength, power and intellect – in their chosen career and in the service of the US.

It was also stated that, the siblings, being sports-lovers, perhaps would have collectively taken the world of sport by storm, if not for their early take in the force and the rigorous and highly demanding activities of the military.

These diligent officers are Lt. Tochi Odocha, Capt. Kelechi Odocha and Lt. Chioma Odocha, the only female among the lot.

The Odochas who are residents of the US are originally from Imo State, Nigeria. Their father, Dr Odocha, is a transplant surgeon (liver/kidney) and former Chief of Transplants at Howard University, Washington, DC.