A Recall Conference for 21st Century Man


Vanessa Obioha

Is it still a man’s world? Hardly so. With the rise of feminism and women empowerment programmes globally, men issues rarely gain attention nowadays. After all, the American born musician Beyonce had made it loud and clear that women run the world.

While the movement for female liberation is well applauded and embraced, it however has created a redundancy for the male folks.

Tales of women who have taken the mantle of headship in their matrimonial homes are no longer news. Domestic abuse by men who feel threatened by the success of their wives is a regular bane in our society. There are various scenarios of men who have become domesticated instead of taking up the responsibility to work and cater for the family. The issues confronting the 21st century man seem endless. On the flipside, the boy child has been left untutored and unprepared for the journey ahead. Faced with his own nightmares, society has unconsciously denied him a voice to speak when he is hurt, confused or in need of a mentor. He is forced to adapt to the harsh and sometimes skewed societal norms and philosophies.

It is against this backdrop that Identity Coach, Yetunde Bernard is convening the first Recall for Men conference. With the theme, ‘The Hustle is Real’, Yetunde and her team will be addressing diverse issues that deal with men in their household, workplace and society as a whole.

“In today’s society, women are everywhere and the men are neglected. There are empowerment programmes and resource tools readily available for women. The idea for Recall for Men Conference is really a resource centre for men to develop themselves and for those who are already developed to help others and also for these men to find a place for expression.

Recall For Men conference is an unbiased, city-centre conference for the urbane man. It is targeted at providing the African man living in today’s urbane, competitive and demanding society with insights and practical tools to enable him meet his evolving world with intention, clarity and a deep sense of tenacity.”

The one-day conference which will be held at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos will feature Masterclasses experiential exhibition, food court and music.
The chief moderator of the event Olakunle Soriyan pointed out that it is a fact that men has been in charge for so long and society, culture and even history has favoured the man.

“The man is the head of the family, we have more men in royal robes in charge of societies. The sentiments that define a man has been clear for so long and women has justifiably been terribly marginalised and discounted to a large extent. The last 20 years have been filled with investments, donations and funds on how to help the girl child to rise to her legacy and communicate more power in the society. While we are trying to empower the girl child, we have abandoned the boy child. The identity and role of men need reinvention. Inasmuch as we empower the women, we need to refocus the man to gain understanding of his ability to create balance in the system. That is what the conference is all about: to recall the man to a role he has never played.”

Scheduled to take place on April 28, lined up speakers for the conference include ace comedian Ali Baba, Edi Lawani, Debola Williams and DJ Jimmy Jatt while the Masterclass facilitators include Simon Kolawole, Bankole Bernard, Kola Aina, Mudi and David Wej.