Trader Wins Brand New Car in DiamondXtra Season 9


Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

It was a pleasant surprise for a trader, Raphael Ogugua, 30, as he received the keys of a brand new Hyundai Accent saloon car at the Diamond Bank main branch Umuahia, Abia State on February 16, 2018. Mother luck had smiled on him in the South-east draw of the Season 9 of the ongoing DiamondXtra promotion for account holders of the bank.

The lucky winner from Isuikwuato received the car keys from the bank’s regional manager, South-east, Mr. Nkem Okoro at the presentation ceremony. After having a feel of the new car as he sat on the driver’s seat Ogugua was in cloud seven.

He came out of the car and exclaimed: “It is real; it is real. I am the owner of a car.”He then sprawled on the bonnet of the glittering car still shouting in excitement. Ogugua, who had not owned a car before, said that when he got the first call informing him that he had won a car last December he dismissed it as one of those scam messages. However, he said that when another call came three days later the truth sank in as the caller congratulated him for wining a car in the DiamondXtra promo Season 9.

Ogugua told THIDAY that he had opened the DiamondXtra account at the Umuahia main branch in 2008, adding that it never crossed his mind that he was on his way to becoming the owner of a brand new car. Though he had relocated to Makurdi in Benue State where he is selling beddings the lucky winner nonetheless came down to receive his prize at the bank branch where his account is domiciled. His family members were with him to share in his joy.

The regional manager, Okoro, said that the prize presentation ceremony was a proof that “seeing is believing “since some people were still skeptical about the prizes that winners get in the DiamondXtra promotion. He insisted that the bank was sincere in the promotion targeted at improving the lives of its customers. “We as a bank care our customers. We are here to help, to make meaningful impact on the lives of our customers,” he said.

Director of mass marketing, Mr. Osita Ede said that every DiamondXtra account holder has every chance of winning any of the prizes by maintaining a minimum of N5, 000 in their account. “It’s a game of chance,” he said, explaining that a customer having N20, 000 could emerge winner ahead of another with N20 million in his account. He said that in the promo a car is won every quarter while other prizes include a million naira each for six winners, education grant, rent grant and the grand prize of N100,000 ‘salary for life’ payable to the winner every month for a duration of 20 years. An account holder from the Umuahia main branch is currently enjoying this enviable prize.