Lota Chukwu: Being Featured in Jenifa’s Diary Gave My Career the Biggest Boost


Lota Chukwu, an actor and model, studied at the Royal Arts Academy.  She got her big break in Jenifa’s Diary (2014). She was recently honoured  as one of Maggi’s 50 Most Influential Nigerians in Culture and Economy.  Lota is a fitness junkie with a hugh sense of humour. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, she talk about  her career and other things

Acting has always been a part of me

I have always been interested in acting since my secondary school days. After I got into the university, I started planning how to become a professional actress, and after graduation, I decided to work on myself to become a better actress. That was when I registered at the Royal Art Academy to help improve my acting skills.

Being featured in Reminisce video alongside Odunlade

My team was contacted for that role and on the day of the video shoot, I was on set at Amen Estate. I almost didn’t make it, but thanks to Reminisce and Clarence Peters for being patient. Although I was late (Journey from Amen Estate to the mainland coupled with the heavy traffic on that day), but it was a great experience. Everyone involved had a great time. Reminisce wrote a great song, which I like, Clarence did a great job, Odunlade as usual was awesome. 

I wouldn’t want to say one movie in particular gave me that big break

Every project I have worked on has contributed to who I have become today. The combination of all of them made me who I’ve turned out to be today. I’m thankful for all the opportunities; working with amazing cast and crew; they’ve all taught me more. The major boost in my acting career is featuring on Jenifa’s Diary, the journey has been unbelievable and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

So far so good, it’s been a good run for me in the industry

I have had the opportunity to feature in some great movies like The Arbitration, Falling, Iyore, Fine Girl and, most recently, Displaced and Royal Hibiscus Hotel.

What sets me apart from other actors

I believe every one of us has those individual features that make us exceptional and unique in our own way. 

 I’ve personally learnt to flow well with those I’ve met along my acting career. One of the things that I believe has made me come this far in the industry is the ability to work with anybody. I respect everyone in the industry without passing my boundaries, because everyone is watching. 

Challenges and successes

Every project I work on is always success for me, because I always give in my best. I have faced a few challenges working in the industry but those are the things that make us stronger. Acting has always been a part of me, it’s something I’ve always loved doing and I knew I had to get better at it.

 I keep learning every day in the industry; I love where I am now and can only hope for the better. 

The social media buzz

Honestly, I believe I am really easy to communicate with even before I became a public figure. I find it easy to interact with people, so I basically just moved my offline personality online and, so far so good, it does the trick for me. 

Aside from acting, I enjoy writing 

I also love doing yoga because it helps me relax and always helps me keep in shape. I believe it’s important to maintain a good physique and not just let myself go. So, I always try to eat healthy and do a lot of Yoga because it helps me keep in shape. I recently launched my food show called, Lota Takes. Lota Takes is a food and lifestyle show where I get to share my knowledge about food. I really enjoy shooting my food show because it comprises of two basic things that I enjoy doing. I get to stand in front of the camera, and I also get to cook. 

I surround myself with amazing people, friends and family alike

My family consists of my parents and four kids. I am the last born of the family, so I enjoyed all the benefits that came with it. I grew up in Benin City. I spent the most of my life in Benin, until acting brought me to Lagos. I had my primary and secondary education in Benin. I proceeded to the University of Benin to study Agricultural Economics and Extension Services. 

Actresses I admire

The way they delivered their roles and their personality off the screen made them my role model. Rachael Oniga, Joke Silva, Omotola Jalade, Funke Akindele, and a host of other actresses; they all made me love acting the more. 

Looking for More Movie Credits

As I achieve these goals, I set new ones. So, how far I can go is determined by how quickly I achieve the goals I set for myself. I plan to be a successful actress, both locally and internationally. I look forward to featuring in multiple award-winning movies and with the top names in the entertainment industry. 

 Over all, I hope to have more movies to my credit, and get recognition for my effort. 

As I stated earlier, cooking is one of the things that keeps me going, and I really enjoy doing Yoga because that’s how I keep fit and relaxed and, for your question on my cooking, find out if I am a good cook. 

We can bring the next episode of Lota Takes to your home for you to be the judge of that.