There’s something captivating about Joshua Olusegun Oshea Akinbo aka Jace. His imaginative genius defies stereotype. Unlike too many artistes whose music resonate as trite rehash of other people’s contemporary drivel, Jace’s artistry is evident in his style. His feral creativity, mastery of form and profound individuality are deeply rooted in his earliest influences and music role models. These include late Luther Vandross, Jaheim, Boys II Men, Daniel Caesar, Alexander O’neal and Peabo Bryson, among others.

The “grown and sexy” vibes are definitely not lost on the 6 ft 7’ tall crooner. Jace is a creative genius of the old school and iPhone era, an enthusiast of evergreen oldies and contemporary Nigerian music, intent on using his creative and expressive gifts to articulate the yearnings and titillate them.

His music career started in the church choir and later saw him move to Abuja, after his formative years, where he was signed to Impact Records under which he released his first ever single titled “I’m Hot” featuring K Dubb. The song ripped the airwaves in the North from Jos, Abuja to Kano, introducing Jace to the music industry.

After a long hiatus that saw him return to school and acquire degrees from Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo State to professional certifications from Oxford Princeton University, England and Harvard University, USA, Jace returned to his first love, music.
Then he reignited his music career which took him around the world.

Jace announced his return to music with the release of the smash hit single “Tsunami” which debuted on iTunes on September 23, 2017. He subsequently released the video for the single on January 28, (2018 Grammy Awards night) which is available on YouTube and other online streaming platforms.

Born and raised in Jos, Plateau State, Jace parades a talent that several of his peers would kill to possess. His creative flair is rare to the point of being eccentric. It is not so often that you would find so many astounding variables in one artiste, including features which ought to be incompatible: vulnerability, a sense of menace, sterling and comprehensible intellect, candour, audacity — and a rather startling energy.

As he revs on his music career, “Tsunami” continues to garner great reviews ahead of his plans to release an album. In his words, “ the field is big enough for all talented artists to prosper. Just stay in your lane and be original. Don’t try to sound like someone because they are getting fame.” And we are indeed glad he is choosing his own lane and giving a much needed refreshing sound to the evolving Nigerian music industry scene.