Tyranny erupts in various forms. It could emerge in the form of a military despot or tyrant-democrat. Sometimes, it manifests as the disease which must be cured, the volcano which must be extinguished, the gangrene which must be burned out with a hot iron, the hydra with jaws open to swallow up the social order.

Very few men, or very few Nigerian leaders to be precise, are equipped to combat such monstrosity. But Ayodeji Ismail Karim is remarkably different. Karim understands the need of his people and with him in the saddle, democracy in Oyo will manifest as a pleasant reality and become less of a theory than it has been in several parts of the country, according to pundits.

The pundits’ views are apparently shared by various segments of the Oyo electorate.
Too many people are excited about Karim’s decision to participate in the next gubernatorial elections in 2019.
Little wonder the chant ‘Ayo Ni O!’ has recently become a chant attached to different things in Oyo State. Karim’s enthusiasts claim it’s a credo to Change, Liberation, Youth Development, Poverty Eradication, Employment, Quality Representation and many others.
It all started with Karim’s declaration to join the other contestants vying to become the Governor of Oyo State in 2019.

The Chief Executive Officer of Costain Plc. is indeed a fine breed, an accomplished gentleman who understands the needs of the people. More significantly, he understands the common failing of totalitarian regimes and the major foibles of tyrant democrats hence unlike them, he aspires to better understanding of the true nature of democracy. Thus he would never mistake dissent for disloyalty nor would he mistake arguments against public policy and arrant animosity.

The incumbent governor of Oyo State, Ajimobi, probably had him in mind when he disclosed in a recent statement that he needed someone ‘credible, honest, hardworking that has the leadership character that could take the baton’ from him and lead the State to greater heights.

Pundits in the State believe Karim is the worthy replacement Ajimobi has in mind; not only is he close to Governor Ajimobi, Karim is also the latter’s protégé and his keen follower.

Predictably, Karim’s recent declaration in Ibadan was celebrated with fanfare, as a mammoth crowd consisting of party faithful, chieftains, clerics and the youth from all political divides in Oyo State assembled and expressed delight at Karim’s foray into politics.

The declaration gave birth to Ayodeji’s ‘Ayo Ni’ movement. The movement is a multimillion naira foundation that seeks to touch all aspects of life of the people of Oyo State. It seeks to provide jobs, entrepreneurial skills, scholarships, medical support, social amenities among others to the people of Oyo State.