Buhari Signs Mandatory Treatment of Gun Shot Victims’ Bill into Law

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari

By Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja 

With President Muhammadu Buhari’s assent to Compulsory Treatment and Care for Victims of Gunshot Bill, 2017 yesterday in Abuja, victims of gunshot and car accidents can now receive immediate treatment in the hospital.

Making this disclosure in a statement, Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Ita Enang, said the president also signed four other bills into law including Anti-Torture Bill, 2017 

He explained that the Compulsory Treatment and Care for Victims of Gunshot Act, 2017 makes provisions for compulsory treatment and care for victims of gunshots and for other related matters. 

According to Enang, the Act stipulates that a person with a gunshot wound shall be received for immediate and adequate treatment by any hospital in Nigeria with or without initial monetary deposit. 

He also said a person with a gunshot wound shall not be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment or torture by any person or authority, including the police and other security agencies.

In the same vein, he said Anti-Torture Act, 2017 prohibits acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, prescribing penalties for perpetrators of such acts.

Furthermore, Enang said the President assented to the Niger Delta Development Commission (Establishment) Amendment Act, 2017. 

“The Act includes the gas producing and gas processing companies in the list of agencies that are contributing to the Niger Delta Development Commission in addition to the oil companies in a bid to increase funding of the Commission for effective discharge of its duties.

“Previously, the NDDC Acts excluded the gas companies. The Act makes it explicit that the gas companies have to be included. This is to diversify the sources of funding for the NDDC for the economic wellbeing of the region,” he explained.

Enang said the President also signed Federal Capital Appropriation Bill which he said authorises the Federal Capital Territory Administration to legally and legitimately provide funds out of its Statutory Revenue Fund for recurrent and capital expenditure.

According to him, Buhari had earlier assented to the Federal Capital Territory Water Board (Establishment) Bill, 2017, National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (Establishment) Bill, 2017, 

He said: “The Federal Capital Territory Water Board Establishment Act is charged with the responsibility for providing safe, adequate and affordable water supply services to the residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“It is also to collaborate with the other authorities responsible for water resources management to secure efficient use of water resources for the conservation and protection of the water resources of the Territory and the nation.”

The President, Enang added, also signed National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (Establishment) Bill, 2017 which seeks to provide national direction in cancer research, control and treatment.

The Act will also guide scientific improvements to cancer prevention, treatment and care.

It will also coordinate and liaise between the wide range of groups and health care providers with an interest in cancer.

  • emy

    What does treat immediately mean in this law. Will there be dedicated medicines at the hospitals for these treatments – I agree with others that implementation/operationalization of this law is cause for worry (like tha bail is free…). As long as we continue to finance health care mainly from “Out of pocket”, our heallth indices will remain poor

  • Damian Ace Dash

    As with every law or policy, implementation is KEY. What I and every other well meaning Nigerian want is to hold accountable any one found wanting of violating these laws that are constantly been passed into existence. Because in the absence of implementation, all we have is more paper work. Example of such a law is the bail that is officially “FREE” but you still have to pay.

  • Jahili

    Too late Mr President, thousands and thousands of accident victims including my own brother died needlessly over one of the crudest and inhuman practice known to man. Nigerian police was not after criminals, after all most of the weapons used in robbery across this country comes from police and military armory. My brother died in 2008 following an accident in which he called us on the phone by himself to relate what happened but by the time he was taken to the DPO and had to bribe the DPO, critical time have passed by the time they got to the hospital. He was now bleeding both from nose and mouth and internal organs To make matters worse, he gave money for them to go and buy intravenous medication to stop the bleeding because the clinic did not have any in stock. He died two hours after arriving at the hospital without treatment in what is known as Federal medical center which by its budget supposed to be one step below University teaching hospitals. Even in some African countries, ambulances take injured dogs, cats and other domestic animals to the vet to try to save their lives. Africa’s big for nothing country called nigeria!

    • Damian Ace Dash

      It is truly unfortunate both for you Mr. Jahil and family and every other family that has gone through this harrowing experience especially in this modern day and era that other countries have progressed to the stage of as you mentioned taking pets to hospitals when involved in accidents and the likes…I sincerely believe that this is the fundamental reason why Mr. President has fought for and enacted this crucial and life saving bill. So my brother, it may have been too late for several thousands of people in the past, but there is now as a result of this bill HOPE for survival and life for MILLIONS and generations to come…what this type of development needs is not castigation due to faults that have its ROOTS ELSEWHERE but SUPPORT to make Nigeria and her people be well and great thereby taking their rightful place among other great nations of the world. God bless you, your family, countless other families and victims and God bless Nigeria.

  • lord vuga

    Show this bill to the police …..mtchww….just like the bill that says ” bail is free”.

    • Peter

      Yep.or show the anti torture bill to Nigeria SARs


      This bill has to do with hospitals not police. It says anybody with gun shots wounds should be treated immediately. Before now, you have to get a police report first.