Hope for the Teenage Girl


Amuga Hope, a platform to empower teenage girls and give them hope for a better life, recently restated its commitment to the well-being of girl and women in general. The foundation which started this year March is designed basically for the teenage girls who get pregnant at very young age and are just trying to get by with their children, without the help of the father

According its founder, Bertha Amuga, a Nigerian Super model, she sees the programme as a life opportunity to contribute and impact positively on the lives of young women who are at the verge of losing focus in lives. .

The programme she explained is designed to educate young women about early pregnancy; how their education is very important as it determine what and who they become in the future a well as determine who they meet as that can change their lives positively.

“Early this year, I was in New York and I watched a documentary on how people changed lives. I started asking myself what I can give back and what I had passion for. I realised then that I care for the cause teenage girls,” Amuga recalled how the initiative started.

Amuga who said the programme has been very successful over the few months it had held so far added, “Whenever we have a programme, we usually bring a speaker, sometimes specialist to speak, educate and counsel the teenage girls. This is because some of them who might have fell victim of teenage pregnancy are usually disturbed psychologically, mentally and thereby have low self- esteem.”

She was quick to add that so far she has self-financed the project personally with a tangible support from individuals, adding, “We are looking forward to doing bigger things and so we are soliciting support and sponsorships from cooperate organisations and I believe that we will get there.”

She noted that some of the girls have started graduating in fashion designing, make-up, hair dressing while they are also equipped with the knowledge of how to prevent teenage pregnancy and early marriage. “Our targets are girls and we go to series of places to find those that are vulnerable. We have been to churches, IDP camps in Abuja and today we are in a school, Aunty Ayo International School, Keffi, Ikoyi, Lagos, and we still have lots of places in mind to cover,” she added.