Pyrates Condemn 21st Century Slavery in Libya


The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has condemned in the strongest terms, the recent cases of dehumanisation, brutalisation, buying and selling and, in some cases, cold-blooded murder of African refugees and economic migrants who were engaged in the perilous trans-Sahara trek from their various home countries to Europe via Libya.

In a statement made available to THISDAY Friday, the president of the group, Arthur Boje, said his association “finds it absolutely shocking that years after the abolition of slavery, the heinous practice is still being perpetrated against Africans by other Africans, as shown recently by an exclusive documentary aired on the Cable News Network (CNN)!”

Boje however observed that it is heartwarming to note that the Nigerian government has been making concerted efforts to repatriate Nigerian citizens who are trapped in this vicious circle of death and destruction. 

He also called on the  governments of other countries whose citizens are trapped in Libya to follow the Nigerian example.

The association counselled that “Beyond the short-term response of evacuation of their citizens, African leaders must start taking appropriate steps toward addressing the root causes of this desperate economic migration of young Africans through these dangerous routes to Europe.”  

He called on the Libyan authorities and the appropriate United Nations bodies to undertake an independent and full-scale investigation into the recent revelations in Libya with a view to identify the perpetrators and promptly bring them to justice.