Since his sole, self-appointed mission to ‘Free The Sheeple’ (read Free The People) from the mosaic law of tithing, controversial and blunt-talking On-Air-Personality, Freeze, has been the butt of insults and invectives from some of Nigeria’s foremost pastors; no less, surprisingly, the restrained Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God. As far as the pastors are concerned, Daddy Freeze has no scriptural locus standi to advise people not to pay tithes.

Particularly, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) has gone head-on with the OAP. At a recent programme in a popular church in Omole, Ikeja, Lagos, mid-November, Pastor Ashimolowo called Daddy Freeze a drunk and wife beater. But that did not make the headlines. Ruffled, perhaps, that he did not hit target, Pastor Ashimolowo, during a recent sermon said to thunderous applause; “Once and for all, let’s settle this matter on the power of the tithe. Some bunch of yoyo somewhere should not determine what you pay.

Some guy who beats his wife, throws her out, throws his children out of the house, broke his son’s knees, should not determine what we believe. He drinks alcohol, sleeps with women and he’s trying to preach.” Jeez!!! Characteristically, Daddy Freeze did not let this slide as he had done to some other lesser known pastors who weighed in on the matter. In a viral video, he asked in mock incredulity, “Haaaaaa! Has it come to this? See the way he is defending tithing with so much passion, I hope this same passion is extended to bringing home our brothers who are currently enslaved in Libya. I didn’t hear ONE single bible verse, just sentiments and emotions in this defence. Who is this ‘Yoyo’ now? Mention his name make we know am.

And I hope there is proof to back these allegations up and they are not just ‘hear say’ from a false interview conducted on an embattled pot of stale bitterleaf soup.” He continued, “Whoever the ‘yoyo’ is, one thing is certain, he cannot determine what the body of Christ believes, only the BIBLE can do that, so until you can come out with a superior argument to explain where Jesus our high priest, or the disciples our first pastors collected tithes, it looks like the ‘yoyo’ is the one speaking the biblical truth and no amount of subbing or name calling can override the scriptures.” Citing different versions of Luke 7:34, he said, “If the ‘yoyo’ drinks alcohol, let’s remember Jesus drank alcohol too…he was called a drunkard by the Pharisees; the teachers of religious law who burdened the people with unbearable religious yokes and put up similar fights when Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple! A man can’t be seen drinking pap, Fanta or lucozade and be called a drunkard, can he? Obviously, the end is not in sight as the tithing debate rages on, and with Pastors across the world gearing up to defend their cash-cow, sorry, belief.

  • Ninja Cat

    God of this God of that. I worship the only true God the creator who the God of me. You see people are drawn in religion and forgetting about God. I wish I can have time on daddy freeze program let him invite any preacher or pastor who think he can biblically defend tithes today I will on the debate to defend the truth . With scholarly analasis and truth. I keep asking myself how much does the Nigerian church worth. And how much does the average brother worth for Christ sake? 90% of the tithes money they collect in church today are corrupt money from shaddy deals and corrupt politicians. They brain wash people to think that u have to give God money to get bless. I see that as a mockery and blasphemy of the highest other. And the funny thing is that money as in cash was never accepted as tithe! If this folks want to be taking tithes let them go back to the status quo of the Levites

  • Ninja Cat

    Rastafari. I have said this for over 10 years now that is the pulpit 419 I did not just have the opportunity to have public hearing an am not rich or a radio personality like Daddy freeze that is why my voice is under ground. Any pastor taking your tithes today is for two reasons. 1′ Ignorance or 2. Pulpit robbery. Am a biblical scholar u don’t need no hard exegesis or hermeneutic to know that tithing was a tax system to help sustain the Levites who hand over every inheritance to the other tribes of Israel. So the remaining tribes have to contribute to sustain the levite tribe. Tithes is only possible under the theocratic leadership of YWH (YAWH) not under the Democratic government of Nigeria or churches or any country today. The pastors know that, but I don’t blame Dem is poverty and greed that make them glutons over the poor people’s contributions and I blame the members who are busy inriching the pastors on the detriment of their poor brothers . A poor man seeking just keke marwa to do business will not be given but a jet will be giving to a pulpit criminal in the name of seed sawing. Can a get germinate?

  • daniel abu

    I hear some people say THE GOD OF ADEBOYE, as if they do not also belong to God, and some others say ACCORDING TO PASTOR CHRIS, as if they do not have brains to study and quote from the Holy Bible themselves.
    If you quote the book of Deuteronomy 14:22-27 to buttress the original tithing laws as delivered directly by God to the Jews, some of them attack you outright and claim that you read the Bible without spiritual understanding. I wonder where their brains have gone to rest.

  • algol2000

    But the people are sold to worship man (pastors) instead of the true God because they seek companionship instead of truth. Until they start digging for themselves, they shall never find. The poor ye shall have with you always ( because they refuse to seek).