Back in the days when her husband, General Alexander Ogomudia (rtd), held sway as Chief of Defence Staff, his beautiful wife Lara held sway over the social circuit like an emperor’s wife. The Idanre, Ondo State native exploited her husband’s position with such conceit that everywhere she went, a horde of soldiers served as her security detail administering to her every whim. Then she established Lavally, a popular boutique on Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos, where she sold luxury unisex items. Expectedly, social butterflies and gold diggers swarmed on her boutique like bees to honey, doing her bidding and massaging her ego often to their benefit.

But no sooner her husband stepped down from his exalted office, than Lola became a pariah of sort. Lavally, her once busy boutique, lost clientele like a smelly roadside restaurant. At this juncture, Lara virtually disappeared from the social radar. Many of her friends deserted her, sneering behind her back in cynical acknowledgement that she has become a casualty of power. Today, the rumour mill has it that she has moved out of Lagos. Some others merely claim though that she has finally understood that power is transient with her husband’s retirement from the military.