Synergos Facilitates Dialogue on Diversity


Collaborative agency, Synergos has organised a diversity conversation that will transform Nigeria from a country of consumers to that of producers.

The session which targeted the youth segment focused on how to use agriculture to translate Nigeria into global excellence by 2028.

Founder of Synergos Institute, Peggy Dulany, who attended the dialogue, described it as an opportunity for Nigeria to find out how different groups can come together to improve agriculture in the country.
Country Director, Synergos Adewale Ajadi, said Nigerians excel every time they engage in diversity of their talents.

He said the ability of the citizens to effectively collaborate across the 371 different ethnic nations and distinct genders will shape the future of the country.

“We are ethnically diverse, but don’t have a diverse economy. Dialogue is a space for positive reflections and explorations of what can be done through a constructive, eclectic and disciplined approach to diversity,” Ajadi said.

He said though agriculture is an ancestral legacy, more than 70 per cent of daily agricultural produce ends up as waste.

He said Synergos was collaborating with young farmers on how cassava peels can be reproduced into cattle feed, adding agric can lead to organic industrialization and solution.