Nazir El-Rufai: What Kind of Teachers?


Are those ones teachers? Please I remain very excited that finally someone has the courage to take a firm decision and stand by it. I am in full support of the decision to sack these people in a bid to reform the education system. Critics and other funny people can strip naked, douse themselves with ashes and wail from now till kingdom come, this decision should not be reversed. If these people could fail test meant for primary school students, then what business do they have teaching our children, so trying to politicise this otherwise very simple decision is sad. El Rufai should remain resolute and should not bother using state funds to retrain anybody.

If they are serious minded, they should use their severance packages to retool themselves. How do we even dream of creeping out of our morass of underdevelopment and mass poverty if at the base level we cannot even get it right? The foundation of education is very key and at that age and level we must begin to sew the very strong foundations of logical thinking and clarity, so when you get clowns who cannot even spell ‘’Donald Trump’’ to handle such critical and sensitive assignments, you begin to get what we are getting as a nation. A nation led by narrow-minded bigots and charlatans who do not really understand the issues that are very critical to nation building.

I am not even joking this morning, they should even be jailed for defrauding the system all of the years they pretended to serve. The exercise should not only stop with the teachers, it should also reach the authorities who cleared them to serve when it was very clear that they were misfits for these ones are the real beneficiaries of this great injustice to our society. As for the Nigeria Union of Teachers who has been fighting spiritedly to have this decision reversed, I really have nothing to say to them, because if I say what is in my mind right now, they would all run and go hide in shame. I am beginning to like this El –Rufai man o. I am watching him very closely even though his fight with my paddy, Audu Maikori is to say the east embarrassing for him. This his position with these errant teachers and other such policies where he has shown courage under fire is beginning to make me want to re-access my position about him. Well done sir, have you signed the termination letters and if the over 20,000 letters are too much to sign, you can send some down to Shomolu with a duly executed Power of Attorney, I go help you sign everything. What else am I doing here?