In a First, Buhari to Visit S’East Next Week, Inaugurates Armed Forces Council


Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja

For the first time since he assumed office as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday inaugurated the Armed Forces Council in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The inauguration came on the heels of the president’s preparation for a two-day working visit to Ebonyi, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) state, and his first to the South-east since he assumed office, to commission a number of projects on Monday. He will return to Abuja on Tuesday.

Thereafter, Buhari and other party bigwigs, according to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), will join Tony Nwoye, the gubernatorial candidate of the party in Awka, Anambra State next Thursday for the grand finale of the candidate’s campaign.

The Armed Forces Council as provided in Section 4 of the Armed Forces Act, is charged with the responsibility of administering the Armed Forces, including entrenching discipline among members of the Forces.
The inauguration, which was attended by the service chiefs and Minister of Defence, Brig.-Gen. Mansur Dan-Ali (rtd.), also featured the first meeting of the council.

Speaking on the inauguration, Dan-Ali, who said the meeting of the council was last held in 2014, added that Thursday’s meeting considered matters of importance to the Armed Forces including the ratification of National Defence Policy 2017.
He stated that the council will also enhance the welfare, command, discipline and administration of the Armed Forces.

“The Armed Forces Council was established by CAP A20 of Laws of the Federation of Nigeria and Section 4 of the Armed Forces Act, to among other things, be responsible under the general authority of Mr. President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, for command, discipline and administration of, and for all other matters related to the Armed Forces.
“The last Armed Forces Council meeting was held on 17 July, 2014 during the last administration and there was therefore the need to convene the Armed Forces Council meeting in order to consider matters of great concern to the Armed Forces.

“In line with the above, President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated the Armed Forces Council today 9th November 2017 at the State House, Abuja, to consider matters of great concern to the Armed Forces.
“Some of the matters considered include ratifications of the National Defence Policy 2017 (Revised), Harmonised Terms and Conditions of Service Officers 2017 (Revised) and Harmonised Terms and Condition of Service Soldiers/Ratings/Army 2017 (Revised), amongst others.

“Considering several transformations in terms of development as well as security challenges that have taken place in Nigeria, it is believed that the ratification of these documents will enable the Armed Forces cope with the ever changing contemporary security challenges.

“It will also help to enhance welfare, command, discipline and administration of the Armed Forces as well as provide the policy framework governing the conduct of security and defence in Nigeria,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Buhari will on Monday pay a two-day working visit to Ebonyi State to commission a number of projects.

The state governor, Dave Umahi, who visited the president in the State House on the planned visit, listed the projects to include 23.5 kilometres of state roads and 500 kilometres of completed internal roads in the state, adding that there were other projects waiting for the president to commission in another 12 months when he will return to the state for his re-election campaign.

Asked if this implied that the president had discussed his re-election bid with him, Umahi said: “Well, any first term governor would want to go for second term and what you wish for yourself, you should be honest enough to wish another person the same. Since Mr. President is doing his first term and I am doing my first term, it’s my wish to re-contest and I will as well wish the president the same to re-contest.”

After his Ebonyi visit, Buhari is also expected to join other APC chieftains for the grand finale of the campaign of Nwoye who is flying the flag of the APC in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election.
Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, while answering questions from State House correspondents last week, had disclosed that the president would soon begin a series of visits to the South-east with the intention of improving relations with the region ahead of the 2019 general election. Okorocha named Ebonyi as one of the states the president will visit.

  • Arabakpura

    There is time for everything under the sun so says the holy book! It’s now the turn of the 5 percenters; glory be to God for giving us a date for this eight wonder of the world!

  • Rev

    This man, exhibits clear signs of a desperado. Just as He was so desperate to become president of Nigeria, that he was willing to do anything to accomplish that goal even though it was very clear that he did not have the credentials, to be president, both morally, intellectually, and otherwise…Now, having become crystal clear that he has failed in his first term, he is now on another desperate mission. Nigerians beware of this guy.

  • atakamosu

    Hehe, maybe to chase his shadow. SE can go there all he wants, but he still cannot get 10% of their votes. Besides what has he done for any part of the country?

  • KWOY

    He is a DREADED TERRORIST, a JIHADIST, an ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST & LEADER OF BOKO HARAM! Cursed be him! May the gods of Igboland make him blind, deaf, dumb & crippled & give him a long life upon it!

    I know he will recieve a thunderous welcome because the political actors of the day have no choice. But it will not change the fact that the Igbo Spirit, which will arise at the appointed time to the humiliation of the Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani & the envious others, will curse him! CURSED BE YOU, TERRORIST!

    And definitely it is to Ebonyi state, which because of their inferiority complex has been sabotaging the Igbo cause, that he will visit – to the warm embrace of Umahi!

    • marcos avelino


      • KWOY

        I will NEVER add ANYTHING to Your FORUM! I’ll rather belong to hell fire than be one with you! BUHARI IS A DREADED TERRORIST, JIHADIST, IS memember & angel of darkness!

  • Tony Ezeifedi

    It is clear that Buhari does not like nor trust South Easterners, He does not want them to come near him. No South Easterner is in Buharis State house except a wretched photographer. South Easterners are not good enough to be directors in Buharis NNPC. No South Easterners is good enough to be a service chief upon the contributions of South Easterners to Nigeria both before and after independence. The proposed visit of Buhari to South East is big insult to the Igbos.

  • Cheta God

    PMB why bother visiting the SE two and half years into your presidency? The military council you inaugurated, does it have a SE representative? You don’t like the SE. It is reciprocal, sure.

  • ychukwuka

    If he likes, let him sleep in all the five govt houses in the East, it makes no difference. All we ask him is that we don’t want to hear that either the police or military shoot any person going about his business. May the souls of all those killed during the invasion @ Abia State rest in peace.

  • Don Gratias

    He has lost it with most Yorubas and he is trying to build a new alliance with the South East. It amounts to nothing.

  • ricky ifo

    This man Buhari is provoking us beyond limit.He should allow us to bury and mourn our people that he murdered peace and stop mocking us.

  • Iorsy k

    Governor Umahi seemed to be a sycophant, except he intends to join APC his wish for PMB to re-contest is irrelevant! Or is it over joyfulness for the visit that he don’t know what to say and is saying this. He could have instead waited to request for some projects from the president for his poor state.

    • KWOY

      The Ebonyi political leadership has been historically antagonistic to the Igbo cause! As it is with Umahi so it was with Elechi. They even used to vote together with the North. That the SE does not have regional Integration is because of Ebonyi state. The Elechi bastard just said the other day that they neither Support restructuring nor Biafra. You could see the Speed with which the imbecile has been rejoiicing since IPOB was banned. And you could understand that his Position as chaairman of SE governors Forum helped in no measure to the TERRORIST BUHARI’S order to ban IPOB

  • Mo

    Mr Buhari,
    Please don’t waste your time. You can’t reap where you haven’t sown.
    Please stick to your Hausa-Fulani people and their poor cousins in the South-West. After all, 5% hardly matters.

    • David knotkace

      SHUT UP YOUR FAT MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don Gratias

      Apt and brilliant

    • tee Boy

      that is why you guys are not moving forward. Buhari is coming to the east, so do your worst..

      • Kenny

        Hahaha! And the North is moving forward by your reckoning, kwo? Lol

      • Chym

        Meanwhile let us look at the facts.
        12 million children are out of school in Nigeria. Out of the 12 million, 10 million are from the north whilst Kano state alone has 3 million beggars.
        Nigeria has the highest number of young girls suffering from Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) in the world. And 90 per cent of those young girls are from the north.
        According to the UNDP 72 per cent of northern Nigerians are living below the poverty line.
        According to UNICEF if Nigeria were to ever break up the core north would be the poorest and most barren place on the African continent.
        According to Nasir El Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna state in northern Nigeria, if the north-western zone of the country were to ever find itself on its own it would be poorer and more ravaged by war than Afghanistan.
        According to the World Terror Index Boko Haram and the Fulani militias are the first and fourth “most deadly terrorist organisations in the world” respectively and they both come from northern Nigeria.
        According to UNESCO 65 million Nigerians, which represents 50 per cent of the total population!) are stark illiterates and 55 million of them are from the north.
        According to UNICEF the heartland and base of pedophiia, child sex, child slavery and child marriage on the African continent is northern Nigeria.
        According to President Donald Trump of the United States of America “northern Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places for Christians to live in the world” and “Christians are murdered there in their thousands every year whilst Churches are blown up and burnt down”.
        According to CNN “the bastion of radical Islam, Islamic terror and Islamic fundamentalism in Africa is northern Nigeria”.
        According to Governor Yari of Zamfara state in north western Nigeria the north has been afflicted with all manner of diseases and epidemics, including meningitis, as a consequence of their many sins against Allah.
        According to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo the northern states “have the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the country, the lowest rate of child enrolment in schools, the highest number of unemployed young people, the highest levels of poverty and faces the challenge of inter-ethic and inter-religious conflict including the Boko Haram terrorism.”
        All these daunting challenges, disturbing facts and alarming statistics and instead of putting their house in order the Arewa Youth Coalition not only threaten the Igbo with mass murder and genocide and order them to leave the north by October 1st but they have also gone a step further by insulting the Yoruba and accused us of being “serial traitors” and of “trying to impose Osinbajo on Nigeria as President”.

  • Daniel Obior

    It is better Buhari stayed away from the southeast entirely. His presidency so far has been very devastating and traumatic to the people in the region. His planned presence in Awka will most likely have a negative effect on the election of the APC candidate at the Anambra governorship elections. That he is now only visiting mainly because of this and the coming 2019 elections, clearly demonstrates his lack of sincerity towards the people of the southeast. Stay home Buhari, stay home, and be happy with your 97%.

    • kinsly

      Shut up! You can chose to stay home if the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria comes around. Wait for mazi Kanu to appear from his rat hole.

      • Daniel Obior

        Hausa slave with his master’s voice.

        • Sola Akinwande

          These Easterners can be mean and petty.

          • Mo

            …but infinitely better than the evil back-stabbing Yoruba.

          • yukkmouff


          • Daniel Obior

            Which easterners, dummy?

    • Blessing

      The most important and number one citizen of the state has invited the President, your view is immaterial. You are one of those who can never rise above ethnicity, sorry for you.

      • Daniel Obior

        In your siege mentality, you seem to only see ethnicity in facts. I have only stated facts, and you can burn in hell if you do not like it. Sorry for yourself.

        • Rev

          Sir, this fellow doesn’t have to burn in Hell to get your attention. As much as I agree with your views, let it be clearly noted that the mundane issues discussed on this platform are weightier than the reality of Hell…It behooves us to be tempered…and be pray for those who disagree with us…

          • Daniel Obior

            Thanks Rev for this intervention. The fellow should not have replied my comment in such a provocative manner. I actually used to ignore and turn the other cheek whenever I was assaulted or insulted in this forum. But some cyber bullies took such liberty for licence. So, I decided I would be returning fire for fire, and here we are. I will continue to accept that others can disagree with my views. But when in doing so they insult me, I will retaliate.

          • Rev

            You have the right of retaliation. But please, always Remember that vengeance belongs to the Lord.

          • Daniel Obior

            Vengeance of course belongs to the Lord. I am too insignificant as a human, compared to the Lord. That is why I will only retaliate.

      • yinka

        In fact on that day, all the Chief, Mazi, politicians, Dancing Igbo women, masquerades and school children will welcome the President with open hands. So, i will not worry too much about what IPOB and GEJ apologist are posting because they are suffering post election and IPOB syndrome. It is a very bad diseases that affect many Nigerians from SE & SS, but mostly in SE.

        • Daniel Obior

          This happens to be Nigeria where every donkey can buy a crowd.
          Happy celebration in advance.

        • LEGACY

          With your likes in thought and reason, black man still deserve sympathy. Do you know what leadership is?

    • Grelia O

      A savvy president or governor would and should pay attention to the constituences that he or she lost in the previous election – for the purpose of inclusivity and possible reelection. Buhari did neither. He punished the SE for daring to exercise its constitutional rights in voting for a candidate of its choice. Having excluded the zone in allocation of projects, relegated it to backbench in the scheme of things, and denied it the constitutional right to seek self+determination, the General now wants to deceive the people with a few crumbs this late for the purpose of reelection. A tall order.

      He remains discredited in the zone. The Ebonyi state governor and the other 4 Asikas in Owerri, Umuahia, Awka and Enugu remain discredited on issues of core Igbo interest. Short of rigging, overtly or covertly, Buhari will lose the 3 Southern zones and much of NC. The 5 Asikas might continue to exist only thanks to the present flawed and corrupt system – the very reason they dread self-determination/realistic restructuring, which will automatically result in meritocracy – a model that will, by default, consign them to the Igbo Hall of Shame.

      The good news is that self-determination / restructuring is a foregone conclusion; it’s just a matter of time. No amount of python dance or proscription will stop it in the entire South in general and in the SE in particular. Buhari and the 5 stooges might as well enjoy their brief period in the sun.

    • john

      Bigot…..your region chose to isolate itself. Despite all this, the President has gone ahead with the second Niger bridge and many key federal roads in the region receiving attention. Your self centered region was worse off under Azikiwe Jonathan who made failed promises but instead plundered and looted. BUHARI TILL 2023.

      • Daniel Obior

        First of all, which is my region? The last time I checked, I did not tell you where I am from. So, stop your fishing. Secondly, it is obvious you do not know the meaning of the word bigot. If you did, you would have realised that you hero in Aso Rock is the only bigot we have in this country. Finally, you are dumb and reek of urine as a result of wetting your matrimonial bed. Go get a shower, as your good and patient wife is complaining of the stench.

        • john

          Hahahahahahhahaha…..try harder. You’re doing a poor job of retaliation. You wouldn’t want a piece of me. Swine. Insignificant 5%.

          • Daniel Obior

            The laughter of a slinking madman.