Dirge For Late Akeem Sodeinde?


Before his death  two years ago, Akeem Sodeinde created around him a larger-than- life image of big and bloated night club owners who dominated the scene for a long time and thereby changed the scene to some extent. His night club, Movida, for a long time, was one of the thriving night clubs in Lagos. It enjoyed very impressive patronage from fun lovers.

But all that is history today as the late popular club owner’s fame has gone into obscurity.

 Though the late Sodeinde started out as a night club bouncer,  he shot into the limelight when he became part-owner and face of Xtreme.  In no time, he brought clubbing back to reckoning. While some hated his gut, others recognised his tenacity and hard work.

Sadly, he was hit by acute diabetes and flown to India.  The trip not only cost him money and time, it also cost him one of his kidneys. While he battled with that, his club located on Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos was shut down and many of his customers simply looked elsewhere. But after several months in limbo, Movida was re-opened.

Upon his return,  he had vowed to  quit smoking  for good. But he reportedly started smoking and drinking again, a development that worsened his health. He died  without fulfilling his dream of opening the biggest  and most expensive club in Abuja.

Today, his fame and memories seem to have been buried along with him.

Tragic enough his family as well as close friends and associates that vowed to keep  the memories alive have abandoned their promises.